Summer Holiday Tips from Sally and Flea

Image: Flickr/Ragez
I keep reading posts this summer about fun activities for kids. Are your kids bored in the long summer holidays? Do you need ideas of games to play with your children? You do? You’ve come to the right place.

See, Flea has the world’s longest summer holiday – just over 9 weeks. And whoever said necessity is the mother of invention hit the nail right on the head, friends. Luckily, we have invented lots of fun games to keep ourselves occupied this summer, and I think it’s only fair to share them with my lovely readers.


How to play: Hold out your hand at arm’s length. Say to your child, "I  can’t be bothered to beat you. Would you mind just running into my hand really fast?” You would think this doesn’t work, but it TOTALLY does.


How to play: Let your child climb up on your bed. Ask them a question, such as, “What would you like for dinner?” Wait until they just start to answer then shout STOP MOANING and push them over. Repeat indefinitely. It sounds mean but Flea begs for me to play this game with her. Yes, she's a bit weird.

Game 3: HANDS UP

How to play: Offer to help your child take their jumper off. Say, “Hands up”. When they put their hands up, shout SUCKER and tickle them. This makes me and Flea fall about laughing.


How to play: Technically we didn’t invent this game, but we did invent a riff on it. I have to lie on my bed, under the duvet and see how long I can go without opening my eyes. Not to be arrogant, or anything, but I am a WORLD CHAMPION at this game.


How to play: At the playground, make up a random assault course for your child. For example: “You have to run to the climbing frame, climb up the rope, turn around three times, run to the swing, touch the roundabout then go underneath the tunnel and count to 20, then come back to the start.” Crucially, the ‘start’ should be a bench. With practice you can read a book while your child traverses the course and when you hear them running towards you, you start counting in a loud voice: “39, 40, 41…. WELL DONE, DARLING, THAT WAS SUPER FAST!” 

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