Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mothers’ Day

last minute mothers day gifts

Looking for last minute Mothers’ Day gift ideas?

I am sometimes referred to as a last-minute person. Although, naturally, I prefer to think of myself as charmingly spontaneous.

But yes, I am the sort of person often to be found panic buying last-minute Mother’s Day gifts.

Kids have it easy when it comes to Mother’s Day, I reckon. For starters, most of them will have crafted something at school or cubs or church, which can be handed over with daffodils as required.

When I was little, I think virtually all my Mum’s Mother’s Day Gifts were a home-made card with some flowers – often cheekily picked myself from a family walk.

As I got older, I might venture into one of the high street stores for a basket of bath bubbles and Charlie perfume, which Mum would duly store in her cupboard until she got a chance to give them away. Not that my Mum is mean, but 9 year old me would invariably buy something that made her sneeze, or come out in a rash.

These days, Mum and I are both older and – here’s the thing – both of us have most of the things we need. It’s hard, isn’t it? My Mum has a bookcase full of books, a wardrobe full of clothes, a fully stocked kitchen and garden shed. Basically, it’s impossible to find her something that she’ll actually find useful, and which will show her just how much she means to me. She’s chronically gift-averse.

In recent years, then, I’ve tried to focus on giving Mum experiences – things like theatre or concert tickets, afternoon tea, spa days and pampering experiences. Last year at Christmas we bought her a session with a photographer and did a photo shoot with my parents and all their grandchildren. Because what I find my Mum really wants as she gets older is simply to spend time with her children and grandchildren.

This year, Tesco has actually created “Inspiration Stations” in 300 Tesco stores across the country this weekend, so you can buy an experience for YOUR Mum if you are also the charmingly spontaneous sort of gift buyer. Answer just a few questions, and the Tesco experts will come up with suggestions of the perfect gift for even the most gift-averse Mum.

There’s a whole stack of experiences to choose from ranging from just a few pounds to really indulgent treats. Tesco has rather splendidly solved this year’s gift crisis by treating me and my Mum to a spa afternoon, based on my quick survey. As presents go, this one is absolutely perfect. But if your Mum is more interested in museums or motor cars, there will likely be an experience gift to suit.

As for Flea, she’s an AMAZING gift buyer. This year, I received my present a couple of days early, since we’re away for the weekend in Portugal. It was a bouquet of my favourite flowers and a hand-made card. And until she’s old enough to wield her credit card in Tesco, I think it’s pretty perfect 🙂

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