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chicken traybake recipe

Read on for a delicious chicken traybake that can on the table in under 30 minutes!

A long, long time ago, I made a vow.

I vowed that we would never have a row over the dinner table, about food. Rather than trying to force Flea to eat everything I serve, I accept she has preferences (don’t we all?). I focus on serving a balanced, healthy diet over the week. This means trying not to stress about the little things. Like onions. And potatoes.

That said, I’m definitely not Nigella. Still, who is?

This month, I’ve been working with Dolmio to support a new campaign for #NoDrama family dinners. Dolmio surveyed 2,000 UK adults and found an epidemic of dining table stress!

The survey found that the average British parent spends 27 hours a year cooking food that their children will refuse to eat. Another cheerful stat – we apparently spend six days a year, on average, dealing with family drama. And a shade over half that time (51%) is food-related stress.

Last weekend, I got my family round the table to talk about our family dinnertime dramas. While we chatted, we got to try out the new range of Chicken Tray Bake sauces from Dolmio, which are available in supermarkets now. Here’s what we thought:

Chicken Traybake Recipe with Dolmio

What I loved about this chicken tray bake recipe is it’s something we all got together to prepare, and it’s very quick and simple. My sister-in-law helped me chop vegetables, my brother cooked pasta. The kids set the table, and poured the drinks.

Dolmio NoDrama

The whole thing took just a couple of minutes to prepare, and was ready for the table 30 minutes later.

Chicken Traybake Simple Recipe


  • 4 x chicken breasts (or 8 small thighs)
  • 1 packet Dolmio chicken tray bak (sun-dried tomato flavour)
  • 1 red or yellow pepper
  • 1 red onion
  • A handful of tomatoes
  • (any other vegetables you have lying around!)


  • Place the chicken in the bottom of an ovenproof dish
  • Chop and scatter the vegetables over the chicken
  • Lastly, top with the Dolmio sauce
  • Pop into the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes or until the chicken has cooked
  • Serve with pasta, rice or mashed potatoes

The chicken tray bake recipe is perfect for us. Baked chicken with veg is a go-to dinner for during the week when I’m short of time, and the sauce is a perfect way to jazz up dinner spending loads of time doing prep. Oh, and a serving also contains one of your five a day. Bonus.

spanish chicken traybake


Other Easy Chicken Traybake Recipes

If you like a chicken tray bake then how about trying these twists on the chicken traybake recipe above?

  • Add garlic to the tomatoes, onion and pepper for a Portuguese flavoured traybake
  • Use oregano with roasted sweet potato and artichoke, sprinkled with a little cumin for a delicious Mediterranean twist
  • For a Spanish style chicken traybake, add a little chopped chorizo and smoked paprika with the chicken then top with tomatoes, garlic and sliced peppers


Disclosure: Dolmio paid for my time creating this post and video. However all opinions are my own and if it tasted bad, I would obviously let you know. Because dinner time is way too important for food that’s not delicious. 

6 thoughts on “Simple Chicken Traybake Recipe, with Dolmio |AD”

  1. Everyone wanting something different. If we are having mince someone wants meal in a dish, someone wants shepherds pie and someone wants spaghetti bolognaise. As daughter is vegitarian means a separate meal for her using quorn mince.

  2. The drama in my house is fussy teenagers, one wants to be vegan and save the planet, one only likes junk food, one eats anything but is lazy and moans about helping out, and one’s my hubby, but he’ll do as he’s told. Having these easy to make dolmio meals would be great.

  3. Ours is usually over not wanting to eat vegetables, so we have a rule that everyone is allowed to dislike one vegetable of their choice so then when any other vegetables are served up they have to be eaten!

  4. My daughter has a good appetite for chips, fruit and yogurt! But give her anything like vegetables and I have a battle on my hands! Any sauces that disguise the vegetables are a winner in my eyes 🙂

  5. Sandra Redhead

    When our son lived at home it was always like a cafe in the kitchen, not any better when he had a family, but since we retired and there is only 2 of us we can please ourselves, it’s fantastic and these new sauces will make it even better. We love dolmio sauces anyway, simple, tasty and very easy to use!

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