Dear Birthday Girl


Dear Flea,

So you’re ten! Bloody hell.

I’ve never had a ten year old before, but I have to say if they’re all like you, they’re pretty great.

Thanks for being the world’s BEST travel buddy this summer.

I can’t think of anyone else who can read a map, work my phone when I’m driving, and still join in with an enthusiastic round of “over-emotional singing” when the need arises. Which is often.

Thanks for making me laugh like a drain in American Girl, the world’s most OTT doll shop, by muttering, “It’s all a bit Village of the Damned, if you ask me.”

Thanks for going on those scary rollercoasters and pretending to believe that I needed to stay on the ground “to take photos for my blog”.

Thanks for never waking up before 8am on school days, or 9am on holidays. You’ll understand just how much I appreciate that one when you’re a bit older.

Thanks for still wanting to hold my hand, sometimes. And knowing when I need you to give it a quick squeeze because life’s a bit hard sometimes.

Oh, and kudos on saying, “BREATHE, MUM!” when I accidentally drove into oncoming traffic on that dual carriageway in Carmel. And for pretending to cover your ears while I swore like a sailor trying to reverse away from the oncoming headlights.

Here’s hoping that ten is a year of new experiences, brilliant adventures and countless reasons to laugh. And remember that you’re a better gift to me (and our family) than anything we’ve bought you – although, to be fair, the new skateboard is pretty awesome, so it’s possibly quite a close call.




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  1. Your daughter sounds like an amazing girl…I hope my little girl (soon to be 6) will still want to hold my hand when she is 10…because life is tough and we all need someone to squeeze our hand from time to time!

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