Dear PR… The Christmas Edition

It’s all too easy to give PR execs a hard time.

Whether you’re a journalist or a blogger, I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ve got a stock of stories about badly targeted press releases, irritating emails and random parcels landing on your doorstep.

But it’s Christmas. And I thought it might be the perfect moment to share some of the other stories. The times they helped us out with a post. When they did us a favour, or helped dig us out of a big hole. The unexpected kind gestures that make us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Yep, PR chums. This is our big festive thanks to you. And for any PR execs new to working with bloggers, hopefully you’ll get some great inspiration here about the sort of things that REALLY make bloggers love you (and it’s not just sending free biscuits).

To all the fabulous PR people I’ve worked with this year, then – thanks, and here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas.




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15 thoughts on “Dear PR… The Christmas Edition”

  1. So nice to read these Sally. Us PR’s often (and sometimes fairly) get a right old bashing on social media from journalists but we can never do the same in return – not that I want to, but sometimes, just sometimes you really want to tell the world how badly and unprofessional some journalists and clients treat us too.

    We’re the ones stuck in the rock and a hard place very often.

    Great to read about the positives made by these PR’s.

  2. This was so, so lovely to read. PRs often get it wrong, and we are all so quick to slate them for it but how often do we hear the positive things? I love the PRs I work with and little things like this just mean so much. Lovely post!

  3. It’s always easier to complain (and sometimes we have every right), but so much lovelier to read the good stories. And it’s reminded me to pop a card in the post to a certain PR who’s always very nice…

  4. Love this post so much Sally. It’s lovely to highlight that there are some PRs out there that really go out of their way and can make up for all the bad ones!

  5. I love these. That’s good PR. Those are the people I’ll do favours for, because they’re not just in it for what they can get. But then isn’t that true of every business relationship? Warburtons saw me tweet a crumpet the day I came out of hospital, and sent me a huge box of them! They’re the only crumpets I’ll ever buy now 🙂

  6. When my son was in hospital last year I emailed a PR to say that my review of a jigsaw they’d sent his older brother would either be late or would they like my now ex to review it on his blog. They emailed back saying they were sending a couple more jigsaws for the hospital ward and not to worry about the review until my son was out of hospital.
    A few days later 4 huge boxes with over 100 jigsaws arrived for the children’s ward at the hospital, and they were for all ages too for little children to 1000 piece teen jigsaws with roll up mats

  7. As both a blogger and a PR, I loved reading this! It’s so nice to focus on the positives and the fact that a lot of PRs genuinely want to help and do good things for bloggers (but sometimes can’t or are put in awkward situations as the middleman!) Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I love this post, so nice in a blog world where, sadly, lots of people see PRs as gifting vending machines, its heartwarming to read these lovely stories!I’ve got a great bunch of PRs I work with and its a mutually-respected relationship!

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