Flea’s New Year Message

Christmas 2010 Part 3 035

A few weeks ago, we were sent a Storio by ToysRUs. It’s sort of a cross between an e-book reader and a games console for kids, and Flea’s pretty keen on it.

One of the things you have to do with your Storio is create an avatar and then write a personalised welcome message that shows on screen when your  Storio is turned on.

Yesterday, Flea wrote her own welcome message and showed it to me. And I thought I’d share it with you guys – it seems kind of appropriate for New Year’s Day.

I hope you spent your New Year’s Eve looking forward to good things with people you love – that’s what it should be about.

Thanks for supporting Who’s the Mummy in 2010. It’s a tremendous honour that you guys are still reading our stories and sharing in our slightly weird world. I’m looking forward to sharing lots more tales of bad parenting and weird kids in 2011, and hope you’ll continue to join us.

The blog will return to business as usual next week.

Happy New Year, wishing you a fun weekend and a fabulous 2011.

Sally & Flea

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