Indoor Skydiving with iFly in Florida

Last week, we had a fabulous trip to Orlando, Florida, as guests of Visit Orlando.

Chances are when you think of Orlando, you’ll think of theme parks, water parks and other such attractions but one of the most popular activities in the city is also indoor skydiving. On our final day in Florida, we were given the chance to try indoor skydiving at iFly.

Indoor skydiving mimics the sensation of an actual skydive but in a vertical wind tunnel – it’s suitable for anyone from the age of three, providing you’re in good health and have never dislocated your shoulders.

The $60 package includes a short training session in how to position your body so you will float on the wind, and rental of a flight suit and goggles. We also received a personalised certificate, DVD and photographs after the session, which are available at a small additional cost. Overall, the experience lasts 90 minutes and doesn’t drag, although your actual time “flying” is only two or three minutes. If you do fancy trying this out in the UK, there are companies in both Manchester and Milton Keynes offering a very similar indoor skydiving¬†package.

I must confess here that I didn’t take part (nobody wants someone recovering from food poisoning in a wind tunnel) but Flea tried out the skydiving at iFly and LOVED it. Some kids might be nervous about this sort of thing, but Flea? Well, Flea is a bona fide, fully-fledged adrenaline junkie…


Disclosure: We visited iFly Orlando as guests of iFly, and as part of a wider visit as guest of Visit Orlando. iFly packages start at $59.95 for a beginner flight experience.

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