riviera maya mexico

Sometimes when we go on holiday, we go to museums, and walk the city streets, grabbing food from local stalls, and soaking in the atmosphere.

Other times we throw ourselves into adventurous activities, riding tall swings, renting kayaks and bikes and exploring the countryside.

Then there are times we take classes, learning how to make something new, or see something different.

riviera maya mexico

This was not that sort of holiday.

This was a week of sunshine, reading books, relaxing and taking it easy.

We headed to Mexico on a last-minute whim, using up air miles and abusing my credit card. We booked into a five-star, all-inclusive resort and we did — nothing, basically. A wh0le lot of nothing.

I feel like I should feel guilty. That the trip wasn’t as educational, or adventurous, or something, as it might have been. But then I look at my girl, with a smile on her face and sun-kissed skin and, you know what?

riviera maya mexico

I’m good with it.