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  • Single Mum Survival Tips

    Single Mum Survival Tips
  • Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!

    Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!
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    This Old House.
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    Great Women to follow on Instagram Stories

Can F-Secure Total Security Suite Keep Teens Safe Online?

Keeping teens safe online is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night. It’s easy enough to see if Flea is taking risks when she’s crossing the road, or making her hundredth packet of noodles this week. But when she’s sitting with her nose in her laptop, or…

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When Should Teenagers Drink Alcohol?

.  When should teenagers drink alcohol for the first time? At thirteen, my daughter is beginning to encounter alcohol in her peer group. There are parties and sleepovers and girls with older boyfriends, and at some point, I’m sure, Flea will be tempted to try alcohol. To my mind, this…

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Shoot My Travel Review: A Family Photo Walk in LA

This Shoot my Travel review is for you, If you’ve ever thought about using a vacation photographer!  A highlight of our time in LA this summer was our photo shoot with Shoot My Travel. I paid for this particular shoot with my own, hard-earned cash. Many of the Shoot my Travel…

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Summer Road Trip Part 1: Los Angeles with a Teen

We’re here. We’re finally here. Honestly, that was my over-riding thought as we watched the sun set over Venice Beach two weeks ago. We had originally planned to be in the US a month ago, but at the last moment Flea’s ESTA was cancelled. For those who haven’t been to…

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What to get a 13 Year Old Girl for her Birthday

What to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday is – honestly – a difficult question. At the grand old age of 13, nobody wants to be treated like a child. This means you can’t buy anything that might be considered to be a toy. Definitely you can’t…

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