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  • Single Mum Survival Tips

    Single Mum Survival Tips
  • Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!

    Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!
  • This Old House.

    This Old House.
  • Great Women to follow on Instagram Stories

    Great Women to follow on Instagram Stories

How Much Can You Save with a Family & Friends Railcard?

Parenting is all about balance, isn’t it? Like on the one hand, we want to give our little ones special half-term days out and magical memories. And on the other hand, we like having money left at the end of the month. Let’s face it, days out in the UK…

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Dear Theresa May…

It’s no secret that I did not, personally, vote to leave the EU. Personally, I think leaving the EU is a terrible mistake. I think it’s a triumph of nationalism and pride over reason and economic good sense. You might think differently. That’s okay. We can agree to differ. And,…

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I’m Moving House and I’m Definitely Not Okay.

I am moving house and I am definitely not okay right now.  I don’t know why. But I’m feeling so stressed and irritated, and filled with a sense of foreboding. But this weekend I might have sat on the stairs and cried for 10 minutes because my daughter has no friends*.…

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20 Experience Gifts for Kids (Instead of More Stuff)

Experience Gifts for Kids are the Future! As we head towards Christmas aka The Season of All Shopping, I’m already on the hunt for gift ideas for my teen daughter. Increasingly, though, I’m trying to avoid buying yet more “stuff“. We already have crammed shelves, and wardrobes and more shoes…

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Friendship and the Teenage Girl

Friendships – and particularly teen girl friendships – are complicated and hard and oh so easy to get wrong. And some of those issues are things we’re still dealing with as grown adults. Flea is now in her third year of senior school. Generally, she’s a girl who gets along…

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