Pulseroll Review: Mini Massage Gun Discount Code

pulseroll review and discount code

Today I’m sharing our review of the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun, and an exclusive Pulseroll discount code to save 10% on your purchase! We were gifted a Pulseroll massage gun for the purposes of this review.

If you have a sporty teen, then you’ll know that they often need reminding to stretch, cool up and warm down when they’re exercising.

In our house this has become particularly important since Flea started taking Accutane. The medication’s side effects include stiff, aching muscles after exercise.

Flea has been struggling with a stiff back, and tends to get aches in her hamstrings at the best of times. We reviewed the Pulseroll Mini Gun, which is a handheld massage gun currently selling at £129.

Pulseroll Review: how does it work?

The Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun comes in a handy carry case and four separate “heads” that can be swapped around.

pulseroll massage review

First impressions: the case is pretty solid, and the gun is a t-shape that’s easy to hold but also easy to hold in different positions. That’s important if you want to hold it under your leg, for example, or reach over your shoulder.

On the top of the gun is an on/off switch that you hold down for 2 seconds to turn the massage gun on. Press the button again and with each click the massage intensity increases. There are four levels, depending on the intensity you need.

Inside the case, meanwhile, you’ll find four massage heads:

  • Soft round: The soft ball attachment is for forearms, biceps, lower back and sensitive areas of the body like shins, where you don’t want to end up with bruises! It delivers a softer massage that’s great for relieving tension and relaxation.
  • Hard flat: There’s also a flat, hammer type attachment that provides targeted relief, particularly for pecs, quads, glutes and calves.
  • Bullet: This small attachment really offers concentrated massage in areas like the feet and forearms, or where you want to target a very specific area.
  • T-Shape: This attachment helps to relax knots in large muscle groups such as quads and calves, and it can also be used along the spine.

it’s easy to swap the massage heads – just pull out the standard flat-top head, and push in the new head until it ‘clicks’ into place.

pulseroll discount code

Can a massage gun really help?

This type of massage gun is pretty new, and the science behind it is still a bit unclear. In essence, the idea is that targeted massage promotes relaxation and increases blood flow, which can improve flexibility and range of movement, and speed up recovery. There’s also some evidence that it can provide relief from pain associated with conditions like tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis.

I can’t swear to that, but the idea of massage is pretty well established for sports people. Flea finds that using the massage gun after a session with her trainer (especially on ‘legs day’) helps her legs to feel relaxed, and her muscles more flexible.

Also, I can attest to the fact that the little ball makes for a very, very pleasing back massage with minimum effort involved.

Pulseroll has a range of massage devices to promote faster recovery. If you don’t like the idea of the mini gun, there’s also a vibrating foam roller (what will they think of next?) and a vibrating massage ball, which looks like it would be heaven on the balls of your feet. Perfect if you’re standing up all day at work.

Is the Pulseroll mini massage gun expensive?

The full-size massage guns that I’ve been thinking about buying for, ooh, two years, can cost well over £200.

These portable guns are much more affordable, and the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun currently costs £129. There are definitely massage guns available on Amazon for less than this, but I would say it’s important to look at what you get for your money when buying something like this.

massage gun discount code pulseroll review

The Pulseroll massage gun comes with a USB-C charging cable and once charged, will provide 6 hours of operation.

It’s pretty quiet in operation, and delivers from 1800 to 3000 MHz of power – making it suitable for really quite intense massage or a gentle, relaxing pressure.

Readers of Who’s the Mummy can save 10% on a Pulseroll mini massage gun, making the price just £116. This is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll make a small commission if you buy through this link.


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Pulseroll Review: What we thought!

I’ll wrap up our pulseroll review by saving that Flea has always used a roller after exercise, and does regular stretches as part of her cool down routine. But I also know she has a tendency to rush through the process and end up with sore legs.

This is a lot easier for Flea to use while she’s watching TikTok or in the car, and if it means she’s relaxing and stimulating her hamstrings (where she often gets strains) then I’m all for it.

The Pulseroll massage gun is a solid appliance, and very simple to use. We would definitely recommend it for sporty teens looking to try a massage gun.

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