So long, 2013.

So, I think this is where I’m supposed to say that 2013 was a wonderful year, I feel complete, and I’m all full of good intentions for 2014. Well, kinda.

Truth be told, I find writing those posts a bit narcissistic. Every year is the best ever, and everyone feels blessed and they’re all surrounded by loads of family and friends who are amazing and they’re following their dreams and – well, honestly – I’m just a bit too Northern for that sort of thing. Or something.

So – in Northern fashion – 2013 was pretty good.

We saw a lot of world. We rode rollercoasters in Florida and camels in Jordan. We took cooking classes in Florence and watched whales in Cape Cod. We combed beaches in France and sweltered in Spain. And we just won a competition to become reviewers for a holiday company next year, so there are more adventures on the horizon, along with a summer road trip to plan.


As ever, my professional life was too hectic, I spent too much time at my desk, and not enough time talking to real life humans. Our cat left home in disgust. There were altogether too many trains. Personally, it was a mixed bag, with a mixture of new friends, old friends and people who maybe weren’t ever friends to begin with. On balance, more people made me laugh than made me cry, so I’m calling that a win.

For 2014, if I have a resolution, it’s to be brave.

If thirty odd years on the planet have taught me anything it’s that the interesting stuff mostly happens when you’re scared out of your wits. And maybe life needs to be a bit more unexpected next year. Although I’m not sure how I’m going to top Dr Ranj on a mechanical surf board for, “Things I never expected to see”. 


I thought it might be easy nice to round off the year with my ten most read posts of 2013. Feel free have a nose around if you’re new to my blog 🙂

  1. What it’s like to be a single parent 
  2. Road testing a Volvo XC90 
  3. Why I’m over Candy Crush 
  4. Dear M&S 
  5. So you’re a racist… 
  6. The one where I end up on Newsnight
  7. The one where we review a Tassimo 
  8. Top tips for family trips to Orlando 
  9. Things to do in Florence with Kids
  10. Tips for days out at the Warner Bros Studio Tour 

I’ve no idea why people want to read about Volvo and Candy Crush. But I’m glad you do. I’m pathetically grateful to those of you who read, commiserate and openly mock me, in equal measure. Here’s to another year of adventures.

Oh, and if you have a few spare minutes some of my favourite end of year posts from other bloggers that are definitely worth a read:

  • Let Her Eat Clean (Ruth never fails to inspire me with her lust for life)
  • Mother’s Always Right (I am unspeakably jealous of Molly’s new house)
  • Amy Ransom (a new blog, but one that made me laugh)
  • Soft Thistle (because I’ve loved following her journey this year and her 2013 write-up is properly moving and stuff)
  • Grenglish (because her post says what I think, only better)

Happy New Year!





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