Summer Days Out: Drayton Manor Park

Over the years, we must have been to Drayton Manor Park in Staffordshire almost a dozen times. And it is a powerful testament to the park’s facilities that we had just as much fun when Flea was three or four as we do now she’s 9. It’s quite rare to find… View Post

Testing a new rollercoaster at Drayton Manor

One of the things I love about Flea is that while she is terrified of completely random things (flies, mashed potato, wearing sandals), she’s a complete adrenaline junkie in others.  So it turns out she was in her element this week when we were invited to get a sneak peek… View Post

The moment you realise your kid is braver than you.

One of the nice things about having children is that, basically, you're better than them at most stuff. Oh, sure, we all love our children and we'd lay down our lives etc etc, but admit it – it's pretty cool having someone around who thinks that you're basically a cross… View Post