Testing a new rollercoaster at Drayton Manor


One of the things I love about Flea is that while she is terrified of completely random things (flies, mashed potato, wearing sandals), she’s a complete adrenaline junkie in others.

So it turns out she was in her element this week when we were invited to get a sneak peek at the latest ride at Drayton Manor Park – a brand new Ben10 Ultimate Alien Mission rollercoaster, which opens to the public tomorrow.

We arrived at the park on time which meant Flea and I were able to join the first ever public ride on the rollercoaster, along with some very nice young chaps who turned out to be from a TV talent show. Whatever. They both screamed like girls (That could also be said of me, to be fair).

The ride reverses backwards up a huge slope before hurtling forwards with 3G-force velocity, bending around corners fast enough to be thrilling for adults but not so scary that the five and six year olds on board were traumatised. Once the rollercoaster reaches the end of the track you do the whole thing again – in reverse.

As the ride slowed to a stop, the friendly PR lady shouted, “Who wants to go again?” and I was almost deafened by the small person next to me yelling, “MEEEEEEE”

In fact we rode the rollercoaster six times, which was about as much as my stomach could take, and then I had to ask Flea if we could stop for a while. She took pity on me, but insisted on going back on after a short drink break – in fact she rode the thing until it closed for the day.

We then met up with Jen from the Madhouse and her family for a spot of lunch before checking out the rest of the park. It was busy as you’d expect during school holidays but the queues in Thomas Land weren’t bad at all, and we were able to take turns standing in line for the other rides so the kids could go on other rides. We did manage to spot Rosie Scribble and Pippa from A Mother’s Ramblings in the crowds, too.

Drayton Manor is one of my favourite theme parks because it has a good combination of rides that everyone can go on together, and the Ben10 ride is a great addition in that respect. It’s also only 2 hours drive from where we live, which makes it manageable for a day out.

It was a long, hot day and as we drove home, Flea was sleepy in her car seat. Still, just to show they never miss a trick, I did manage to take the wrong exit on the roundabout to get back on the M6 (just as I have done the past four times we’ve been to Drayton Manor). As I swore profusely under my breath, Flea roused herself just enough to pat me gently on the arm and say, “Never mind Mummy, that sign on the roundabout was VERY small. Anyone could have missed it.”

So I’m now being patronised by a five-year-old who rides rollercoasters better than me.

My life is officially pathetic.

Disclosure: we received free entry to Drayton Manor Park and access to the Ben10 Ultimate Alien Mission ride for the purposes of this post. Flea also received a natty gift bag and Ben10 jacket which she wore for most of the day, despite the blistering heat. Kids, eh? 

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