Basically, I want to be a girl guide.


Last year, I decided that I would start awarding myself Brownie-style badge in recognition of my many moments of domestic excellence.  You know, when you do something properly grown-up without electrocuting, decapitating or otherwise injuring yourself or someone else? 

I’m not entirely kidding. When you’re a kid all you have to do is scratch some pencils against paper and it’s all, “Ooh, well done darling, didn’t you do well?”

But as a 30-something you can work out how to install your own roman blinds in a bay window, and nobody bats an eye-lid. Replace a broken flush on your toilet cistern? Yada yada. So I think there should be badges. Yes, I basically yearn to be a girl guide. So shoot me. 

This weekend, I have earned a new badge.

A few weeks back, Appliance Online got in touch and asked if they could send us a new dishwasher to replace our broken one. Well, it’s broken in the sense that if you turn it on, it shorts out the electricity in the entire house. Not ideal, I think you’ll agree.

So a mere 48 hours later, two nice men were depositing a dishwasher in my utility room, and I was thoroughly pleased with myself.

Until I realised I had no idea how to remove the existing, integrated dishwasher, much less how to install a new, non-integrated dishwasher.

Thanks to the Gods of Google, a quick trip to Tesco to buy some spanners, and a torch I bought for our stay in a yurt last weekend, it actually turned out to be relatively straightforward and the whole process took less than an hour. I even remembered to turn the water off before disconnecting the old machine. Result!

Although I'm going to try and forget some of the things I saw down the back of our kitchen cabinets *shudders* 

So I now have a working dishwasher, and I duly award myself the Who's the Mummy plumbing badge. Feel free to use it for your own domestic triumphs. Or did you earn a different badge this weekend? 

Disclosure: We received a new dishwasher from Appliance Online for free in return for mentioning them in this post. 


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