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FleaSometimes, life is a bit rubbish. Sometimes, people let you down, or luck just doesn't go your way. It's almost enough to get a girl down.

Except there's no day so black that Flea can't still make me laugh. So thank goodness for children and their absolute refusal to take you seriously.

Flea came home today from a visit with my folks, and I said, "Mummy had a bit of a tough day today, with lots of work. Can I have a hug?"

Flea immediately wrapped her little arms round me and squeezed. She felt warm and was tired and floppy after a long day of playing with her cousins. Bless. She turned her head so her mouth was next to my ear. "Mummy," she whispered. "I had an iced lolly today. Except it was in a tub and made of little bits. If I see one another day, you can buy it for me."

Ah, kids. Always know just what to say to remind you of what's REALLY important, don't they? So here, for my entertainment and yours, are my favourite 10 things that Flea has said this week:

  1. “Can we have beans on toast for lunch? I don’t like beans, so can I just have toast? With marmite on it? And some grapes and cheese on the side?”
  2. “I am not too keen on it when you say no.” 
  3. “I have a hungry spot in my tummy right here. I think it’s shaped like a biscuit.”
  4. “Do you know where we're going tomorrow? It starts with a 'l'. Shall I give you a clue? It's Legoland.” 
  5. “Mummy, did you read that story in your tired voice?”
  6. “I already brushed my teeth yesterday.”
  7. “I’m going to say something in a minute, and it’s going to be SO cool. Hey, stop laughing at me.” 
  8. “Watch this. I’m going to do a trick. It’s called – falling over.”
  9. “Look, I drew a monkey. No, wait a minute, it’s a house.”
  10. “Mummy doesn’t want a bloody ironing board.” 

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