The least impressive dilemma in the world ever.

I feel like I should start this post with some evidence of how hard my life actually is.

For example, last night I was in the back garden calling the cat to come inside and I called, “Come on, gorgeous”. 

“Pardon?” replied Flea’s deputy headmaster, who lives next door, and was standing three feet away, in his garden.

I suffered a thousand deaths in less than two seconds.

There’s more. 

Today, I finally had to throw away my favourite Man Jumper. Women will understand this one.

You know when you steal a really good sweatshirt from a man and it’s perfect because the sleeves are too long, and it’s big enough to tuck your knees inside on cold nights? And you wear it until it gets all soft and fluffy and perfect?

And then you wear it for almost 10 years and one day, there are so many holes in the sleeve that the cuff falls off and you have to throw it away and then find a new man just so you can steal his sweater?

Yep. It’s been a tough old week.

[pause for sympathy]

And now, on top of the cat-related humiliation and sweater grief, I have a major dilemma: I’ve been invited to take part in a fun travel project, trying out flights and hotels and writing about it. I get to choose one trip, to pretty much anywhere I’d like to go in the next few weeks.

And I can’t decide where to go. I’ve spent far too long this week on flight and travel websites and I’m officially CLUELESS.

Option A is to go a bit long-haul on a trip to Vancouver. Long flight, and I’d have to kick in some funds because the project budget wouldn’t cover two long-haul flights. We have good friends there, and it’s one of my favourite cities ever. But it’s a long flight for Flea, and finding direct flights is tricky, it turns out.

Option B is to go for somewhere incredibly snowy and wintery – Iceland was an option for a time, but there are NO direct flights, and going via Stockholm makes for a really long journey. I’ve been to Finland. I’m not in any great rush to go back (sorry, Finland).

Option C is mainland Europe, but I always associate France and Italy with summer, and we went to Germany last Christmas. So, I don’t know – Copenhagen? Prague?

Oh, and there’s always New York – we have friends there and it’s GREAT fun in the run-up to Christmas, but we’ve been there a lot – Flea’s been four times already – maybe we’re New Yorked out, and that’s not even mentioning the storms and damage from Sandy…


So, here’s where I need your help, readers. If you could take a short break anywhere, where would it be?

It needs to be Flea-friendly, have plenty to do so we’re occupied, have decent airports with regular flights, and as it’s a short break, nowhere TOO far-flung.. can you help with a suggestion? Been anywhere great lately?

Best suggestion wins a gift of Flea’s choice from the airport…

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