The Littlest Surrealist

As I walked out of school on Friday with Flea, we played our traditional game of 'you’re a weirdo'. 

It's a mature, sophisticated game that involves us saying, "You're a weirdo" and "No, YOU'RE a weirdo," at one another, in increasingly stupid voices.

One of Flea's teachers overheard us, and started to disagree. She got as far as, "Oh no, F…" then stopped and said: "Have a lovely weekend!"

I suspect the teacher realised the truth: Flea is weird. Not in a bad way – just in the way that many four-year-olds are weird. As proof, here are five things my daughter said on the way home on Friday:

“How cool would it be if we lived in a streetlamp? You could climb up that cylinder bit, and we could swing from one lamp to another lamp, like monkeys. That would be so cool.”

“When food goes in your tummy, does it come to life?”

“Why don’t fishes wear masks and flippers? Is there a lifeboat in case they can’t swim?”

“When there’s an earthquake, does the world change colour?”

“Do you think robots like it when children paint them?”

Like I said, weird.

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