What happened to zero tolerance?

Sometimes, I hate people.

So Chris Brown, best known for beating his girlfriend so badly that the judge slapped him with a five-year restraining order, has launched a new album.

Appearing on a talk show yesterday, an interviewer asked him about that whole girlfriend-beating incident and allegedly the guy threw a chair at a window. Because nothing says you’ve beaten those anger issues like throwing the furniture around, right?

He’s a douche bag.

Except, after the TV show there are young women lined up outside the TV studios begging for a chat and a photo with their idol, Chris Brown. Let me just say that again: women BEGGING for a photo.

Seriously? I mean, seriously??

When did domestic violence against women become acceptable – adorable, even?

I’m raising a daughter and I can say with absolute certainty that I have a responsibility to teach her that violence is not acceptable. That it doesn’t matter how many cars someone has, or how many hit records, or how much you think you love him – if a guy hits a woman, he’s a loser. You walk away. End of story.

I’m not black and white on many issues but on that one? It’s a no-brainer.

You’d think we wouldn’t even need to have this conversation. But go and check out the comments on the E! News stories back when Chris was arrested for beating Rihanna. Go and see how Chris Brown’s record company is still supporting this fuckwit, and celebrating the fact his album is the number one download on iTunes. Go and see how 50% of teenagers in one survey said that Rihanna deserved to be beaten by her boyfriend.

I find this acceptance of violence even more depressing than the fact that the violence exists. Because what makes these women tick? What did their mothers teach them? How do they not see the contradiction in demanding respect and independence while at the same time saying that it’s okay for a guy to punch you, so long as he’s hot or rich? Or sorry?

I’m not sure what the answer is, or where the root cause lies. I could argue till the cows come home about the misogyny in popular music lyrics, the sexism that’s embedded in newspapers and magazines, the failings of the judicial system which allows violent men to carry on regardless in too many instances. I don't think it's that simple.

But it’s depressing as all Hell.  

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