Who’s the Mummy: The Bedroom Secrets Edition

This week, in support of TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK’s Give up Clothes for Good campaign, and as part of the Tots100 Blogging Carnival, I’m offering an insight into my bedroom secrets – and specifically my wardrobe.

Why? What did you think this post was about?


So, in summary, take your unwanted, quality clothes to TK Maxx this April (including the ones that you can’t fasten any more) and they’ll be sorted and sold via Cancer Research UK, with the money going towards research into treating and preventing childhood cancer (funds raised from the sale of clothing donated via this campaign will only be used for children’s cancer research, if you’re wondering why you wouldn’t just take it down to your local charity shop). And that seems like A Good Thing.

Disclosure: TK Maxx is a client. But those are really all my clothes.

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