You know you’re a great mother when…


You have this conversation on the way home from school.

Flea: Mummy, what's good is that there's a new boy in our class and his birthday is the day after mine, so I'm not the youngest in my class any more.

Me: Oh, that's nice, isn't it. 

Flea: Yes, Peter's birthday is on the 15th but mine is on the 14th. So I am one day older.

Me: No it's not, darling, yours is on the 15th. Your birthdays are the same, so you're the same age.

Flea: I thought my birthday was on the 14th! Silly me. 

Me: Nope. Sorry. It's the 15th.

Flea [sounding very unsure]: That's strange. Because on my blanket from when I was a baby, it says one-four…

Me: Does it? Really? Um…


I'll now take bets on which person in this conversation turned out to be RIGHT, and which person turned out to be a TERRIBLE MOTHER. This may be worse than the incident where I pointed to Flea in her school photograph and asked, "Who's that little girl there?"

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