You Know you’re a Modern Parent When…


It’s the first official day of the summer holidays.

To celebrate, Flea and seven of her friends had a sleepover last night – not at my house, thank God.

Apparently, there was riding down staircases in sleeping bags, racing down slides on scooters (“They had three wheels, it’s not like it was dangerous.”) and much late night giggling.

Today, I brought Flea and her bestie home to spend the day here. This was the conversation they had in the back of the car.

Flea: “My teddy’s feeling a bit embarrassed this morning.” 

Bestie: “Why?” 

Flea: “Well, he’s gay, and he is feeling a little worried about coming out to people.” 

I felt I should intervene at this particular moment with some Positive Parenting Wisdom, which as I’m sure you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, I am renowned for in these parts.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed just because you’re gay,” I said in my best Positive Parenting Voice.

In the rear view mirror, Flea made a doubtful face.

I persevered. “We should be very supportive of your teddy if he’s feeling embarrassed about it.” 

Flea looked at me with her patented my-mother-is-an-idiot face. “He’s not embarrassed about being gay,” she said, patiently. “He’s embarrassed because he’s a RABBIT and the boy he likes is a bear. Awkward.” 

That’s me told, then.

In other news, I can go on holiday for a WEEK with less luggage than a modern 9-year-old requires for a one-night sleepover.

14 thoughts on “You Know you’re a Modern Parent When…”

  1. Ha, that is exceptional! Good on flea!
    My daughter ramona was imagination playing with the nativity set at Christmas- the three wise men were baby Jesus’s gay uncles #obvs

  2. Oh lord the sleepovers! I had to go on one myself recently. Those girls have way more staying power even than I did in my 20’s! They didn’t shut up until after 3am and then one of them was up at 5. I think their teddies have more to worry about than their love lives!

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