You Know You’re an Awesome Parent When…

Your daughter has THIS conversation with your Mum:


Flea: Grandma, you know the apple you gave me? 

Mum: Yes. 

Flea: I’ve eaten it all. 

Mum: Well done, just keep the core until we get home. 

Flea: I’ve eaten the core. And the stalk, too. There’s nothing left. 

Mum: Really? You must have been hungry. 

Flea: Well, we did forget breakfast and lunch today. Can I come to your house for something to eat? 

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds – we’ve been doing that festive thing of surviving on a diet of Chocolate Oranges, clementines, cheese and Pringles. There have been relatively few recognisable ‘MEALS’ – except obviously my Mum now thinks I’ve been starving the poor child.

As an added bonus, my parenting credentials this week were bolstered still further when we were at the beach and a passing greyhound ran off with Flea’s beloved Stitch soft toy and I could do nothing except laugh so hard I cried. And take pictures, obviously. Here’s the owner making a run after the dog who is holding the blue bundle of fur and stuffing that is Stitch.

whos the mummy blog new year

(we got him back eventually, intact and a bit slobbery) 

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