10 New Shows you Should be Watching on Sky Right Now


Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of Sky, and a big fan of box sets. So I might have done a bit of a happy dance when I was contacted by the rather lovely people at Sky TV and invited to upgrade my Sky package.

I’ve been a Sky customer for more than 10 years now, but moving to Sky Q and a multi-room set-up has been a really big leap forward. With Sky On Demand, Sky Go Extra and Sky Box Sets, plus the new Q functionality, we’re using Sky TV more than ever.

We’ve been using Sky Q for a couple of weeks now and really like it – I’ll post a review of the kit and service separately. But for today, I thought I’d share a round-up of my favourite shows from Sky On Demand and Sky Box Sets. Let me know if you have any other recommendations you think I’d love in the comments!

1. Quantico


This glossy mystery story is fronted by Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, known in my house as, “How do Humans Get so Beautiful” because that’s what i wonder every time she’s on screen. The first episode of Quantico kicks off with a bombing – and then cycles back in time nine months to introduce us to a group of new FBI recruits. The twist – one of the recruits is responsible for the bombing. Can you guess who? Quantico is available on Sky On Demand 

2. Chicago Fire

chicago fire sky on demand

It’s not a new series, exactly, but Chicago Fire is one of my favourite Dick Wolf dramas, and there’s a brand new series showing on Sky, making this the perfect time to catch up on Season 1-3. It’s soapy and something of a guilty pleasure but if you love NCIS and haven’t quite got over the loss of Ross and Carter, this one is for you. Chicago Fire S1-3 is available on Sky Box Sets. Season 4 is currently showing on Sky.

3. Limitless

limitless on sky on demand

I loved the original movie that inspired this series, and was excited to see whether the TV show would be as much fun. Well, it’s not quite, but it’s pretty good fun nonetheless. Lighter and frothier than the movie, this show introduces us to slacker Brian, who (for reasons I can’t quite remember) finds himself taking the drug that turns him into the world’s smartest man, and forced into working for the FBI, while simultaneously being strong-armed by a shady politician (Bradley Cooper, continuing the role he started in the movie). It’s funny, and interesting and just a little bit unexpected. You’ll like it. Limitless currently showing on Sky and on catch-up via Sky On Demand. 

4. Silicon Valley

silicon valley sky

I worked in the tech sector during the emergence of the Internet age, and this satire is so spot-on that it’s almost painful. The show tells the story of Richard, a nerd who works at an uber-cool Internet company but quits to start his own company, and then has to decide whether to sell out, or try and launch his technology independently. Worth watching if only for the scene where one character gets stuck in a Google-like automated car. Silicon Valley S1-5 available via Sky Box Sets On Demand. 

5. Blindspot

blindspot on sky on demand

The premise of this show is another one that puts you in the heart of a mystery and invites you to work out what happened in the past. This time, a young woman is found in a bag in the middle of NYC, tattoos all over her body, and no memory of who she is or how she got there. What makes it extra fun is the fact that Jane Doe is a fully-fledged bad-ass. I love that this is show unafraid to show us strong female characters. It’s also a cracking mystery story. Blindspot is available via Sky Box Sets On Demand. 

6. Catch

catch sky box set

This new show comes from Shondaland, which brought us Greys and Scandal, but it’s not QUITE as gripping or involving as either of those shows. That said, I do like a story with strong female characters who are allowed to – gasp – have lines on their faces and still be depicted as glam and powerful. This story hinges on a female, high end corporate private investigator who realised that her year-long engagement was actually a con, and she was the victim. It’s soapy and more than a bit predictable, but a perfect Sunday afternoon watch. Catch currently showing on Sky and on catch-up via Sky On Demand. 

7. Chicago Med

chicago med on sky

Watch this show and wonder how it is that a working hospital can be so sparkling clean. Wonder at the lack of people with regular, normal emergency illnesses. Or you know, just enjoy it for what it is – beautiful people in a weirdly unrealistic Chicago emergency room, who treat people with fantastical illnesses like: skewered by a falling chandelier; suffering a mental illness that causes an uncontrollable urge to sever his own limbs; self-induced child abuse caused by desire to please sad father… it’s all really good fun. Just don’t over-think it. Chicago Med currently showing on Sky and via catch-up on Sky On Demand. 

8. Heartbeat

heartbeat season 1

This show was cancelled almost as soon as it started and there are lots of very sensible reasons why – but that’s no reason not to enjoy the 10 episodes that were made. The central character is Alex, a pioneering heart surgeon who is torn between two impossibly handsome, inexplicably smitten men (God, I HATE it when that happens) while carrying out improbably exotic surgeries and solving disease outbreaks. I like this because it’s silly, and it looks pretty. And the soundtrack has a pleasing number of 90s throwback tunes to please old people like me. Heartbeat available via Sky Box Sets.

9. Bob’s Burgers

bobs burgers

This isn’t a new show, so I apologise, but it’s new to me, so actually I’m not sorry. This animated show is reliably funny, and if you’re a parent, it has some great lessons about supporting and celebrating your weird kids, because we’re all a bit weird, and that’s the best bit. There’s a Mum who sings a bit too much and loves red wine, and a daughter who is a bit freaked out by puberty, and I just sort of love it all. Bobs Burgers available via Sky Box Sets. 

10. Devious Maids

devious maids

If you loved the early seasons of Desperate Housewives, then I predict you’ll love Devious Maids, the glossy new show from Housewives’ creator Marc Cherry. The story centres on a group of maids working for horrible rich people in Beverly Hills, and a murder that kicks off all the intrigue. Each of the maids has their own secrets, and problems – not to mention the problems of their gazillionaire employers. It’s funny and camp, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Devious Maids available via Sky Box Sets. 

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  1. Cherished By Me

    I miss Sky so much. Our landlord won’t let me have it but thank goodness for Now TV so I can at least still watch it! I saw you mentioning Sky Q a couple of weeks ago so had a look and it does sound great. Perfect for a big family like ours!

    Always looking for new programmes to watch. So off to check out Quantico, Limitless & Catch. I couldn’t get in to Blind Spot. Watched a few episodes, will have to try again. Have you been watching Billions? Or Banshee?

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