Best Advent Calendars for Dogs who love Christmas

best advent calendars for dogs UKWelcome to our definitive UK guide to the best advent calendars for dogs.

Dogs aren’t just pets for many people. They’re family. Fur babies! This list of natural, healthy and reusable advent calendars is for you if:

  • you ever made up a song to sing to your dog
  • you ever asked your dog a question and waited for an answer
  • your dog owns more outfits than your kids

Advent Calendars for Dogs, 2024

Like advent calendars for teens and ethical advent calendars, dog calendars have a treat or toy behind each door. There’s a huge choice of calendars in the UK this year, with toys, treats or chews!

I’ve found 12 of the best UK advent calendars for dogs. This list ranges from simple and festive to seriously deluxe. All these products are all in stock right now for UK delivery.

Just so you know, I’m an Amazon associate. This means I may collect a small commission if you purchase something I’ve recommended here 

12+ Best UK Advent Calendars for Dogs

Personalised Wooden Bone Advent Calendar, £17.99

UK dog advent calendar

This reusable advent calendar for dogs is a great ethical option. Next year you can easily restock it with your favourite biscuits. It can be personalised with your dog’s name, making it EXTRA special. This calendar costs £17.99 and is available with highlights in red, gold or silver. The wood is birch ply, and is ready to hang on the wall this December for all good doggos to enjoy. It’s from Etsy and ships from the UK.

Woof Club Giant Natural Advent Calendar, £27

natural dog advent calendar uk

This might be one of the best natural advent calendars for dogs in 2022. Customers rave about the quality of the treats, and how much their dogs loved them. The Woof Club’s advent calendar for dogs is filled with all meat, no biscuit. Each day your doggo can enjoy a natural, air-dried meat treat. Flavours include lamb tripe, chicken neck, porky crunch or a whole pig snout. Plus two packs of training treats.

For dogs that aren’t keen on biscuits, these are the best treats EVER. The good news for humans is that we can be happy it contains no additives, and is low in fat.

Skippers Small Fish & Salmon Advent Calendar for Dogs, £13.99

uk skippers advent

My dog goes wild for treats with fish skin. They’re great for her coat and eyes, which is an added bonus. This UK dog advent calendar comes from Skippers. It makes a really healthy option if you want to buy your dog an advent calendar. This fish advent calendar contains fish skin cubes, luxury white fish cubes and salmon supreme. These contain nutrients like protein, fat, fibre and omega 3. Available now from Amazon. If you feel like splashing out, it’s available as part of a festive treat package for dogs, that includes chews, turkey slices and an eco toy.

Cheesy Biscuit Advent Calendar for Dogs, £14.99

cheese advent calendar for dogs uk

My westie is obsessed with cheese. So I know she’d love counting down the days to Christmas with this cheesy dog advent calendar, which contains 23 cheese biscuits, with a giant treat for Day 24. Each biscuit is handmade with human grade ingredients. The little biscuits are drizzled with doggie icing and dog-safe chocolate, plus lots of cheese! They’re free from any added preservatives or sugars, making them a healthy treat. This advent calendar for dogs is available from Etsy and ships from the UK.

Personalised fabric dog advent calendar, £13

fabric advent calendar for dog uk

I love reusable advent calendars and this fabric, fillable advent calendar for dogs (or cats) can be washed and brought out every year. How cute is that? The grey fabric has red highlights and will fit in with most festive decor. It comes complete personalised with your dog’s name and has 24 little pockets, that can be filled with your pet’s favourite treat. It’s ideal if you’re careful about what treats your dog has, or if your pupper is a fussy eater (like mine). This one’s from Etsy and ships from the UK.

Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar, £5

cheap dog advent calendar uk

Want to include your dog in the advent fun but don’t want to spend a fortune? This cheerful cartoon doggie advent calendar is available for just £5 on Amazon. It’ll keep the kids entertained and contains 24 dog-safe biscuits containing meat and vegetables. These treats are formulated to promote good gut health. These treats can be bought via the Scrumbles website, so if you find something your dog loves, you know where to go after Christmas!

Venison & Turkey Advent Calendar for Dogs, £13

best uk dog advent calendar

I do feel like venison and turkey just sound more festive than dog biscuits. So I loved this doggy advent calendar from JR Products. This is another really natural advent calendar for dogs. It contains 100% meat, is completely grain and gluten free, and high in protein. It is designed to be nutritious, easy to digest and suitable for all breeds, sizes and ages. After Christmas the box can be used as a fun enrichment game.

Personalised Dog Advent Calendar/Wreath, £23

personalised advent calendar dogs

Not on the High Street always has amazing ideas for Christmas. I loved this dog biscuit wreath, which doubles as an advent calendar for dogs. The wreath has a ceramic bone tied on with ribbon and this can be personalised with your dog’s name. You can also choose between biscuit treats or dental sticks, and have your favourite colour of ribbon. Each bone is attached to the wreath with raffia, so you can just snip off one bone each day. It can be reused the next year by just tying on new bones.

Puppy Treats Advent Calendar, £3

puppy advent calendar 2022

If your dog is a puppy then many advent calendars won’t be suitable. This advent calendar for puppies from Pets at Home in the UK costs just £3. It contains 24 carob-based treats that are safe for puppies and other dogs. If you’re on a super tight budget, Wilko has pet advent calendars for as little as one pound.

Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs, £11

best uk dog advent calendar

Lily’s kitchen is a well known and trusted brand for dog foods in the UK. The company has released a new advent calendar for 2022. It’s packed with natural treats for dogs and puppies aged 4 months and up, including cheese and apple training treats, bedtime biscuits and more. They’re all made with natural ingredients with no added sugar.

Fortnum & Mason Dog Advent Calendar, £110

luxury advent calendar for dogs

For the dog that has everything and quite a lot more besides, how about this ultra luxury advent calendar for dogs by posh UK department store Fortnum & Mason?

First thing first – this calendar isn’t filled. It’s actually a wooden, reusable calendar that you can use to give your own daily treats. Which makes sense really – if I’m spending £110 on a calendar for my dog then it had better last a lifetime. In fact, I’m going to be handing it down to my daughter and her future dogs. It’s a really cute, traditional design, featuring different dog breeds alongside famous Fortnum’s products. Can you spot the clotted cream biscuits or the St James’ teapot?

Christmas Dinner Gift Box, £9.99

christmas lunch for dogs

If you’re looking for something a little different to a dog advent calendar, or perhaps you have a dog that’s not keen on treats, how about this festive canine gift box from UK company Pooch & Mutt. This box contains healthy, ethical and wheat free festive treats alongside two packs of wet Turkey & Chicken food, so your dog can have their own Christmas lunch! Alongside this, there are two packs of Turkey & Cranberry treats, all in cute Christmas packaging.

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