Little Moments: 2012

I was going to write a marvellous post all about 2012, the things I’ve learned and the changes we’ve made.

But honestly, who has time?

Besides, the big stuff gets remembered regardless – and this blog is about capturing little moments, small memories. That’s the stuff I won’t remember in five years’ time.

  • Like how this was the year Flea lost her first tooth, and I almost passed out.
  • This summer, Flea finally learned to ride a bike without stabilisers.
  • Flea joined Stagecoach this year, and discovered her inner drama queen.
  • She swam a length of the local pool. Then two lengths. Then three.
  • Flea had her first sleepover with Beavers, and had an absolute ball – although I possibly had even more fun singing round the campfire.
  • In the autumn, Flea asked to walk into school on her own, without me holding her hand.
  • Who could forget this year marked the launch of Flea’s very own blog, and a brush with fame when she appeared in the Times?
  • And this month Flea has finally grown enough that she has to duck to walk under the beams in the loft.

Like I said – little things. But they’re the ones that matter most of all. In some respects, this year has been hard work but what I want to remember is how much fun we had, the places we went and the games we played.

So here are some little moments from 2012, condensed into two minutes of film.

Here’s hoping your 2012 was filled with amazing moments, too.



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