Over on Tots100 this month, there’s a brilliant competition to win a spa day – in exchange for your top Christmas crafts.

Obviously, I can’t win but it seems like the perfect excuse to show you what is basically our ONLY successful Christmas craft project – home-made snow globes. They’re dead simple to make and we like to make personalised backdrops so the globes make cute presents for teachers and relatives.

How to make a Snow Globe

First, you’ll need some nice glass jars. Mason jars work well, and we also like these rounded jars from Ikea, which are £1.90 for four. Bargain.

Remove the lid from your jar and superglue the base of your chosen festive figure to the inside of the jar lid. We like to use Playmobil figures as they’re waterproof and about the right size.

Set the figure aside to dry.

Print a backdrop for your jar, and glue it to the outside of the jar. Use a layer of PVA to seal the label to the jar.

Next, fill the jar almost to the top with water, and then add a generous spoonful of glycerin.

Add your chosen glitter – confetti stars work well, but any glitter works – you only need a small amount though, about half a teaspoon full.

Once your figure is dry, turn it upside down and put the lid back onto the jar. A lining of superglue will ensure your lid remains firmly closed and watertight.

And you’re done – just shake to feel the festive magic. 

Snow Globe Tutorial



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