Perfect Chocolate Chip Muffins (shame about the cookies)

Flea and I are basically AMAZING bakers. Why, just look at this creation, fresh from our oven last week.

What do you mean, “Is it cat sick?”

choc chip cookies

How rude.

That said, I did feel my parenting credentials were somewhat dented by our attempt at chocolate chip cookies (which is obviously what the photo above is of), so this weekend we set to and produced chocolate chip muffins instead.

If you too would like to bake perfect chocolate chip muffins, here’s what you need:

Sally and Flea’s Chocolate Chip Muffins.

200g plain flour
1 tbsp baking powder
Half tsp salt
50g golden sugar
50g butter
1 egg
200ml milk

50g chocolate chips – optional

  • Turn on the oven at 200c or gas mark 6
  • Next, sift all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl
  • Melt the butter, then add it into another bowl, along with the milk and egg.
  • Once the wet ingredients are combined, tip them into the dry ingredients, and mix gently – the aim is to just moisten all the flour, rather than make a smooth mixture. The muffin mix should be REALLY lumpy. This is a reassuring footnote if your cooking tends to have results like ours.
  • Next stir in around 50g of chocolate chips. If you want to mix things up, you can switch the recipe around and use blueberries and cranberries in place of chocolate, but if you use fresh fruit dust the fruit with flour before stirring to the mixture – it stops the berries all sticking together.
  • Tip the mixture into a greased muffin tin – each muffin case should be about half full to allow room for the muffin to rise.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of sugar across the top of each muffin, then bake for around 15 minutes.

Result? The shame of our cat sick cookie is forgotten. Perfect chocolate chip muffins. Mmm…

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