7 Things You Didn’t Know about… Flea


Sian over at Mummy-Tips tagged with me with the Kreativ Blogger Award this week. I must confess, somsone else tagged me on this one a couple of weeks back but I forget who it was. I expect I've just lost about a million blog karma points, I am sorry.

Regardless, I've done this sort of post before and come to the conclusion that nothing could ever top the revelation that I dated a man with four nipples. So, instead, I've decided to tweak slightly and this post is instead 7 things you didn't know about Flea. Enjoy:

  1. Flea isn’t Flea’s ‘real’ name. It’s the name we call her, and have done since she was a baby, but she’s got another name, too. I’m not totally evil, you know.
  2. Flea doesn’t like potato. She used to love potato, and so I told her not to be silly last week, and eat her potato. She did so without complaint. Then she vomited on the table. That’ll teach me.
  3. Flea has already written her Christmas list for Father Christmas. It includes a skateboard, a monkey and a copy of Home Alone 2 on DVD. I can guarantee at least 2 items on this list will not be under our tree come December.
  4. Recently, Flea has decided to start every other sentence with the words, “The point is…” or “So…”. I have no idea where either of these ticks comes from *whistles innocently*
  5. Flea is incapable of having a tantrum. If she is cross and scowls, all you have to say to her is, “That’s not grumpy. Show some commitment. Come on, cross your arms. Great. Now stamp your feet. That’s it. And grumpy noises? What about some grumpy noises?” By that point she is always, always in fits of giggles.
  6. Flea declines to wear short sleeves. Who knows why.
  7. If you want Flea to go anywhere without complaint just say it’s a surprise. She will instantly declare, “I’m so excited, I can’t even wait!” Recent evidence suggests I may have misused this tactic rather too often. Last time I told Flea we were going out and it was a surprise she said, "Is it the petrol station?" Poor kid. 

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The Award needs to be passed on to 7 bloggers, and if you haven't already done this, I pass this on to some recent MADs nominees – @glowstars @amylane @nurturestore @peabee72 @cafebebe @RedTedArt and @bumblingTweets.

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