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We were paid for our time creating this review of TuitionWorks.

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My daughter is a bright child who excels academically in many areas, but has always struggled with maths.

It’s partly confidence, partly about moving schools, and partly down to exam stress. Often Flea can cope with maths in the classroom, but falls apart in exams and her brain literally goes blank.

If that sounds familiar, then I would 100% recommend specialist online tutoring. What Flea needed was a tutor who could give her lots and lots and LOTS of practice and reassurance with exam-style questions, rather than running through lists of questions in text books that she already knew how to do.

This month we were invited to try out a new online maths tuition programme called TuitionWorks. Here’s our review:

Benefits of Maths Tuition

Tutoring means that I have the reassurance of knowing Flea isn’t trusting her academic future to some random stranger on TikTok and she is learning from someone who is targeting the areas where she most needs help.

online maths gcse tuition

TuitionWorks is an online provider of one-to-one maths tuition. All of the tutors are qualified UK maths teachers, who are familiar with the current UK curriculum and different exam boards. No matter what age your child might be, TuitionWorks will match you with a teacher with relevant, recent experience of teaching that age group. Tutors can help children from the age of 5 right up to sitting A-Levels at 18.

To kick things off, parents can request a totally free maths assessment on the TuitionWorks website. This will allow your child to run through a series of interactive questions on screen, and submit the results. Your matched tutor will go through the results with you, identifying where your child has performed well, and where they might need additional support.

This is a fantastic way of making sure you don’t cover old ground with kids, covering topics they’re already confident with. That’s only going to lead to a child being bored, and unengaged with the learning.

Getting Started with Tuition Works

  • Book a free 15-minute maths assessment via the TuitionWorks website. This is a simple 30 question test tailored to your child’s age and stage. The tutor will talk to you about where your child has done well, and ask questions to confirm where they might need some additional support.
  • If you want to proceed, go ahead and book your first full lesson. To book a trial and your first lesson FREE use the code WHOSTHEMUMMYTWFREE when you book via this link.
  • During lessons, your teacher will tutor your child via a video link, with an on-screen whiteboard where they can draw diagrams that your child can interact with.

tuitionworks review

The cost of tutoring depends on the age of your child. If you need a primary level teacher then lessons start at £35/hour but if you need more specialist support for A-Levels or university entrance texts, the price can go up to £75/hour. Whatever your child’s age, you can book a trial and your first lesson FREE by using the code WHOSTHEMUMMYTWFREE when you book via this link.

How to Book

Booking with TuitionWorks was really easy, and can be done online or over the phone. Once you have registered an account, your account dashboard features a simple schedule with upcoming slots when your tutor is available. Just click on a time to book, and make payment via the platform.

You can mix and match times in different weeks, providing the tutor is available, so you can work around things like holidays or after-school commitments. I also liked the email reminders ahead of sessions because it’s sometimes easy to get distracted!

Tuition Works Discount Offer

Use the code WHOSTHEMUMMYTWFREE below to claim your first free lesson with TuitionWorks (subject to availability)

What we thought:

Flea really enjoyed meeting with her tutor Xavier. He knew exactly how the questions on Flea’s exams would look and was able to tutor her accordingly.

Listening from across the kitchen, Mum-fashion, I loved that he was SUPER encouraging, recognising when Flea got a question right or partly right, and gently encouraging her to attempt more advanced questions confidently.

The class was engaging, because I could certainly hear my teen asking questions, and getting involved in discussions about the various topics with Xavier. It’s quite reassuring rather than watching her staring blankly at a revision website.

Thankfully Flea is now at the end of her GCSE course and the work that will form the basis of her final grades has been submitted and marked. But if you have a teen that is still working towards their qualifications then TuitionWorks is a GREAT way to get a free, detailed assessment of your child’s strong and weak areas. If you then decide to proceed with tuition then we would have no hesitation in recommending TuitionWorks.


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