Making Family Meals Easier with McCain

For most of my 20s, I lived in London and Brighton. At the age of 30, I moved back to Lancashire so I could be nearer to my family. Although we’re all busy and working, we do make the effort to get together regularly for family dinners. But I’ve got… View Post

Lunch Box Ideas for Vegetarian Kids

A little over a year ago, my 12-year-old told the family she was thinking of becoming a vegetarian. Oh, how we laughed. She hates at least 75% of vegetables. Well, she showed us. Flea’s now been vegetarian for a whole year and it’s been a steep learning curve. Honestly, it’s… View Post

I’m Not a People Person.

“I’m not a good people person.”  I don’t know why I say that, or when I picked it up. But it’s something I’ve always accepted about myself as true. I have brown hair, I have blue eyes, I’m terrible with people. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things we tell… View Post

Get on your Bike this Autumn

Anyone else feeling like they come back to earth with a bump in September? It feels like almost overnight, you have to switch gears. Gone are long days with time to waste, beaches and sunshine and hours to spend with the people you love. Now it’s early mornings, hectic schedules,… View Post