Back to Earth with a Bump


It’s the little things, that let you know you’re not on holiday, isn’t it?

You were enjoying late nights and lazy mornings… and now you’re lying on the sofa, being told it’s “okay if you’re too jet-lagged to take me to school tomorrow”

You were getting gently sun-burned in 37 degree weather… and now you’re scraping ice off the car windows and it’s minus 2.


You were drinking cocktails at sunset in Colombia… and now you’re trying to find milk that hasn’t gone off while you were away.

You were enjoying a massage with hot rocks… and now you’re wondering how the heck your child got a plastic rocket stuck on their finger, when all you said was, “Go upstairs and put a jumper on.” 

(this took scissors to remove, in case you’re wondering)


Still, it’s nice to be back.

I think.

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