FleaThis weekend, I had a row with a member of my family.

Actually, I don't do rows. So when I say "I had a row" what I really mean is that I said "Oh no, that's absolutely fine, really, don't give it another thought," then put the phone down and pulled faces at the handset for five minutes until I felt better.

But here’s the thing: I’ve always thought that people who speak ill of their family say more about themselves than anyone else. So I choose not to blog about my family.

Obviously, not everyone feels the same way – this week I read two amazingly honest, thoughtful posts about Mothers by Life with a Little Dude and New Mummy. Those are really moving posts and well worth reading if you haven’t seen them already.

There are only a few things on my “do not blog” list.  As well as my family, I choose not to blog about my love life – for one, it’s pathetically unexciting, and for two, it’s my choice to have a blog, and that’s not a choice the chap would ever make. Also, really, I don’t think Flea ever needs Google to turn up some post about my sexual antics.

I do sometimes blog about The Father although I edit heavily and try to always be aware that I’m talking about someone who doesn’t have a right of reply. So I try not to attribute motives to his behaviour, and only to blog about those things I really feel strongly about, that I wouldn't mind Flea knowing about later, and which I feel other people might have experience of, or insight into.

It’s such a difficult balancing act – I strongly believe that a blog only really works if you really put yourself into it. But I also believe there should be limits and that it’s important to be respectful of other people’s confidentiality and feelings when we blog.  I’m not sure I always get the balance right.

What do you think? What sorts of things are on your “do not blog” list? Do you tell people if you’ve blogged about them? 


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