Earlier this month we were sent some board games by the people at Brainbox.

Now, I have to say that Flea loves board games. One of the side-effects of keeping her screen free until she was five is that she developed a passion for board games, and I think it’s a really nice, low-key way to spend time together in the evenings.

Among the bundle we were sent was a game I haven’t seen before, called “Name 5”.

It’s a ridiculously simple game in some respects – players take turn moving a counter round a board, and depending on the sort of spot you land on, you’re asked to name five things in a particular category.

I didn’t have high hopes when Flea set this up and asked me to play – but it turns out that “Name 5” is a fascinating, borderline disturbing insight into the things your kids know, and believe (in some cases wrongly).

For example my child can easily name five shapes that have more than five sides. She can name 5 Tolkien characters and 5 planets off the top of her head, as well as 5 internal organs.

5 words that rhyme with “and”? Not so easy. And frankly, the argument about whether “dand” is a word isn’t one I care to repeat any time soon.

My favourite answers, though, are the ones that are plain off the wall. Like these:

Name 5 common Household Cleaners 

Flea: A maid.

Name 5 ways animals defend themselves 

Flea: By penetrating you (turns out she meant digging their claws in)

Name 5 Places People might avoid 

Flea: Building sites, offices and kitchen drawers.

The game is actually designed to be played by teams, but had a lot of fun with it, so a big thanks to Brainbox.

If you’re considering a board game for the family this Christmas I asked Flea and here are her favourites:

Flea’s Top 10 Board Games 

  1. Don’t Scramble the Egg
  2. Frustration
  3. Kerplunk
  4. Pig Goes Pop
  5. Name 5
  6. Pop-up Pirate
  7. Guess Who?
  8. Kerplunk
  9. Jolly Octopus
  10. Charades for Kids