You asked, we answered: Are chicken sausages better for you?

are chicken sausages better for you?

Are chicken sausages better for you? Should we be making the swap away from pork and beef bangers?

The sausage sandwich is possibly the greatest culinary invention of all time. Closely followed – of course – by the fish finger sandwich.

A good sausage sandwich is a thing of beauty. A hot, freshly grilled sausage, and fresh, crumbly bread. What’s not to love?

Sausage Sandwiches Made Healthier

This month saw the launch of a new chicken sausage from Richmond, the nation’s favourite sausage brand. We went along to find out whether chicken sausages are actually better for us, and why. And – of course – do they taste good?

Like other chicken sausages, the Richmond chicken sausages have 30 percent less fat, and 20 percent fewer calories. So now you can enjoy a smug feeling in your tummy, alongside your sausage sandwich. Each sausage contains around 60 calories each, compared to 132 calories in a Richmond thick pork sausage. More than double the calories!

Now, I don’t want to get too confrontational here, but I am fairly certain that I have what is the best ever sausage sandwich recipe. It combines all the elements that your perfect sandwich needs – soft bread, tangy relish, a little bit of heat, and some gloriously oozing, melted cheese.

Sally’s Chicken Sausage Sandwich

To make this sausage sandwich start with a finger roll. You can use brioche if you’re feeling posh – which I often am. But if you’re the sort of person wondering if sausages made from chicken are healthier, then you might prefer to use Danish bread, which is 50 calories per slice.

Slice your roll almost all the way and stuff the bottom with very finely shredded lettuce. Then you’re going to add a roll of sliced pickled cucumber, or jalapenos will also work. The chicken sausage comes next, followed by mustard and a sprinkle of half-fat grated cheese.

are chicken sausages healthier

Pop the whole thing under the grill for two minutes, and serve.

You can argue with me in the comments but I am convinced this will be the BEST sausage sandwich you’ve ever tasted. I used Richmond Chicken Sausages, and they were just as good as my regular sausage, but just a bit more healthy! This sausage sandwich comes in at under 150 calories for the sausage, roll, sauce, and toppings.

At to the question of are chicken sausages better for you? I think so. Not only are they lower in calories, they’re lower in saturated fat, and pack just 11g of carbs per 100g compared to 16g for the pork variety.

Richmond’s new chicken sausages are available in supermarkets nationwide at RRP £2.50. They can be used as a healthier alternative in all your favourite family recipes in place of pork or beef sausages. We also love the Heck Italia range of chicken sausages, if you can’t find Richmond in your local supermarket.

Win £25 with Richmond Chicken Sausages! (Closed)

To celebrate the launch of Richmond’s healthier Chicken Sausages, I’ve got a £25 Tesco voucher to give away to one of my readers.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is comment on my blog post telling me YOUR favourite sausage recipe. Maybe it’s a sausage sandwich, or good old bangers and mash? However you like your sausages, tell me how you’d serve Richmond Chicken Sausages to your family.

Disclosure: I was provided with payment and complimentary sausages for the purposes of this post. It’s still an awesome sandwich, though. 

150 thoughts on “You asked, we answered: Are chicken sausages better for you?”

  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    I love sausage casserole, mash and mushy peas, which drives my mum mad as I wouldn’t eat it as a child lol xx

  2. I’d make toad-in-the-hole with caramelised onion gravy. I’d wrap the sausages in streaky bacon for a posh version of a British classic – perfect comfort food for the whole family.

  3. These sausages sound delicious, I’d use them to make toad in the hole as it’s a favourite dish in our house.

  4. I will be having the chicken sausages in a bean and tomato casserole with loads of Mediterranean veg.

  5. Sausage Plait – a delicious, elegantly detailed dish, usually served with plain sausage meat filling. The chicken in these sausages would introduce a novel twist, and add a whole new zing!

  6. debbie jayne davies

    I cant wait to try the chicken sausages havent managed to find them anywhere yet but when i do i think sausage casarole will be on the menu .

  7. We most enjoy chicken sausages as part of a mixed grill with mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes and seasonal veggies. The children also enjoy a grilled slice of pineapple with the sausages.

  8. We have a family favourite sausage casserole. Will be interesting to try it with chicken sausages for a change. 🙂

  9. Libby Alexander

    Really simple but my daughter’s favourite ……. cheesy mash, with sausages, baked beans and peas. These seem like a much healthier option, so I would probably cook it more often for her.

  10. I am hoping to put my chicken sausages with butternut squash, courgette & Miexed peppers and roast in the oven with some herbs and olive oil

  11. Christine Hobbs

    Sausage pasta …Tomato, onion and garlic pasta sauce with sausage chunks for a bit of substance a great midweek filler for two hungry boys

  12. I’d put the Chicken sausages in the oven with some potatoes, red peppers and onions. And serve them with some veg.

  13. I’d have to put them in a pasta dish. Cut them open, make them in to little balls then layer with a red wine sauce and bechamel sauce. Yum!

  14. Judith MacInnes

    Can’t beat a sausage casserole! I do a ‘grown up’ version too, with red wine and puy lentils – I’m sure it would work wonderfully with these chicken sausages!

  15. Judith Alllen

    That does sound a good sausage sarnie, except for the pickled cucumber. That’s a bit like the gerkin in a burger. No, just no. We’ll give these a go, maybe in our favourite sausage, leek and cider bake, layered with potatoes and topped with a little cheese.

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