Is it Easter without Cadbury

Easter Egg Hunt for Tweens

Do you like to smash your Easter egg into tiny shards and then pick them up and nibble over a period of hours?

Or do you (like me) think there’s just something special about biting into a whole, perfect Easter egg half? There’s something about the smoothness of the egg, the shape and thinness of the chocolate – and, oh, that smell.

It only smells RIGHT in my book if your Easter Egg is made of Cadbury chocolate. There’s not much in life that’s more disappointing than bad chocolate in an Easter egg.

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt for Tweens

Flea might be getting older, but an Easter Egg Hunt for tweens might just be even more fun that an Easter Egg hunt for younger children.

This weekend, there might have been snow. There might have been a wind cold enough to freeze your eyelashes.

But we had a stash of Easter Eggs sent by the smashing types at Cadbury, and we were going to get out there and get our Hunt on! Because we are dedicated to Easter, friends.

The key to a successful Easter egg hunt for tweens is to make the hunt challenging enough to reflect their age.

cadbury's easter egg hunt pack

If you’ve got a 12-year-old, chances are they don’t want to skip round the garden holding a basket and looking for eggs. But if you can make it a challenge by hiding your eggs in trickier places, then a Cadbury’s Easter Egg hunt still a lot of fun.

We also introduced an element of competition to our Easter egg hunt.

Flea and I split the contents of a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack, taking half the contents each. We then had five minutes each to hide our stash for the other player to find. The eggs inside the pack are different colours, which made it a lot easier.

The Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack costs £6.99 and includes 14 small, hollow eggs plus three mini Cadbury Easter bunnies, and three packs of Mini Eggs. All the fun – none of the hassle.

The winner of our hunt received a grand prize – the chance to get first pick of the amazing sharing-size eggs that Cadbury’s sent us. Naturally, I had my eye on the Daim egg (it’s also available as a Fruit and Nut, if that’s your sort of thing).

easter egg hunt ideas

However, sadly I was beaten to the prize by my 12 year old, who – it turns out – is not above cheating by hiding my eggs next to an electricity generator underneath a sign warning “DANGER OF DEATH”.

This is what happens when you have an Easter Egg Hunt for tweens. Sneaky. 

Disclosure: I was provided with a stash of Easter Eggs to stage an Easter Egg hunt, and this post is sponsored by Cadbury’s. 

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