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At the moment, lots of us are looking for free GCSE resources for teens. Children aren’t in school and it can be difficult to keep them engaged, and learning.

My daughter is in the first year of her GCSE studies. The pandemic means she has already missed more than four weeks of school this year. Assuming school remains closed until June she could miss 12 weeks of education. It’s a huge gap.

At the moment Flea is attending “virtual” school. She has an online timetable that sort of covers her regular lessons. But I’m aware that she’s not covering subjects with the same depth or thoroughness she’d have in a classroom. So I’m encouraging her to use online resources to keep her learning fresh.

Today I’m sharing the best free online GCSE resources for parents. These are sites we’ve tried and tested, and offer some good variety. So if your child prefers quizzes, videos or lectures, there should be something to suit. Of course, we’re all watching the pennies right now. So all of these sites are free, or offer a free trial.

Stairway Learning:

The Stairway Learning website specialises in free maths and science content. It’s designed for young people aged between 14 and 17, making it a perfect place to brush up on GCSE material. There are free interactive quizzes and exercises. Free registration means your progress is logged – so you can pick up where you left off on a previous visit.


Gojimo from the Daily Telegraph is a free app giving quizzes to kids on their mobile device. The app includes random tests, detailed explanations and diagrams. There’s also offline studying where you can download material to study offline (meaning it’s not going to eat up their data). There’s also a tracker to mark your progress.

The app covers 28 GCSE subjects, and the content is interesting and attractive enough to keep teens engaged. A good all-rounder.



Revisionworld has free online lessons covering all major subjects at both GCSE and A-Level. Alongside interactive lessons and quizzes you’ll find tips on exam strategies, past papers, and revision. In addition, the site has a tool that helps young people create their own revision timetable, and another that helps them apply to higher education.

TES Resources

The TES is really a website for teachers. However, the Teaching Resources section is a great place to find resources for children struggling with GCSE study.

We’ve used the site to find free history worksheets covering things like the Cold War, history of slavery and rise of Nazism. Each activity is uploaded by a teacher. It’s a great place to find good quality questions, slideshows and similar. Not all the resources are free, but many are.

Education Quizzes

It’s not the fanciest of websites but Education Quizzes is quite a fun approach to learning. The site offers a range of quizzes on both academic and non-academic subjects.

The site has paid subscriptions, but you can play up to 15 questions each day for free. This probably means doing 1 or 2 quizzes, depending on the subject. It’s a good way to review topics and break up the more serious study activities.

free GCSE revision online


Seneca Learning is widely used by primary and secondary schools around the UK. While teachers need to pay for Seneca, it’s free for students. You’ll find hundreds of interactive test papers covering virtually every topic and subject you can think of. The reassuring thing about Seneca is the content is so widely used in schools, and is created by teachers.

Rogers History

If you have a young history scholar, this site offers completely free online teaching courses in GCSE. Expect to find video, interactive exercises and worksheets.

Active History

ActiveHistory provides award-winning interactive simulations, decision-making games, self-marking quizzes, high-quality worksheets. The detailed site is exclusively focused on history, and run by a full-time history teacher.

History Chappy

One more free online resource for GCSE history is History Chappy. Not all the topics are current (the site content dates back a couple of years) but it’s a lot of fun for those topics still on the syllabus.

We loved some of the site’s features, including an AI function that means children can “interview” Churchill. You can also take quizzes, play games and take virtual video tours.

GCSE history online

The Science Teacher

Science is not my daughter’s favourite subject so we’re always looking for ways to make it more fun. The Science Teacher provides free access to teaching resources to help students grasp the underlying concepts of science. You’ll find a detailed library of resources for all GCSE topics, each supported by a lesson, worksheets and downloadable PDF diagrams.

Footprints Science

Great for visual learners, Footprints Science has interactive quizzes focusing on animations, slides and diagrams. The site uses a timer alongside each question so you can see the fastest time each day. Great if you have a child who loves getting the top score!


The S-Cool site is a free online library of revision quizzes for major subjects with basic games and activities. We’ve found it particularly useful for covering GCSE French revision, but all major topics are covered.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a US site so shouldn’t be used as a complete source for revision, but contains a huge amount of information that will be of value to GCSE students in the UK. The site is run on a non-profit basis and is offering free study tools during the Covid-19 crisis. You’ll find maths lessons, notes, quizzes and detailed detailed tutorials. The site also has a massive library of free video content, including over 3,000 videos on maths/science.

French in a Click

French in a Click has some great free GCSE resources for language students. The core vocabulary section and the interactive dictionary are particularly useful, but there are also plenty of games and guidance for the different topics you will cover in class. The site has over 5000 audio clips, which can be fantastic for students to practice their French listening skills.


So there you have it. 12+ of the best free GCSE resources and websites for students during lockdown. If I’ve missed your favourite, do let me know in the comments!








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