25+ Hallmark Movies to Watch in the UK

Hallmark movies in the UK

Want to know how to watch Hallmark Movies in the UK? Read on…

To be perfectly frank, I’m obsessed (in an appropriate, healthy way) with Hallmark movies. There’s something about those picture-perfect small American towns, the handsome men who are impossibly decent and the certain knowledge that everything is going to be okay in the end.

In these horrible, scary times Hallmark movies are a safe haven. Nothing (too) bad ever happens in a Hallmark Movie. And the lovely people at the Hallmark Channel have even released a bunch of custom Zoom call background screens based on their movies. How amazing is that??

How to Watch Hallmark Channel in the UK

If you’re a customer of Amazon Prime, you can add specific channels to your TV package – and the Hallmark TV is now available for £4.99 per month. The channel carries a huge range of Hallmark movies, all available to stream in the UK. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that more titles will be added in the coming months.

If you don’t have Prime, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. One you’ve done that, you’ll need to sign-up for this 7-day free trial of Hallmark TV. And you have 7 days completely free access to Hallmark TV! 

Below is a list of my exhaustively researched, favourite Hallmark movies. Granted, some of these are technically Lifetime movies, but you get the idea. A feel-good film is a feel-good film, right?

These are all movies that deliver:

  • A plucky heroine
  • An unlikely plot twist involving the heroine ending up in a small town/ranch/picturesque Inn
  • A ruggedly handsome local vet/carpenter/single Dad OR a businessman who has lost sight of what REALLY matters at Christmas/summer/easter/fall/halloween etc
  • More fairy lights than you can share a stick at

OK. I’m just going to jump right in. Each of the movies below is available to watch in the UK either via Sky TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hallmark TV. I’ve included channel and screening info as I have it.

By the way, if for any reason you’re looking for Hallmark festive movies, then check out my guide to Hallmark Christmas movies! 

If you a connoisseur of these feel-good movies, then you’ll know that there is a year-round menu. In the Spring there are flower, garden and Easter-themed titles. As we move into summer you get sailing and vacations and weddings (natch). Then in autumn it’s all cosy cabins and thanksgiving and harvest-themed content. And finally – my favourite – it’s time for the Hallmark Christmas Movie season.

(If you’re looking for Hallmark Christmas Movies in the UK check out my Christmas movies post for loads of suggestions) 


25+ Amazing Hallmark Movies to Watch in the UK

Below is a year round guide to the best Hallmark Movies in the UK, which you can watch across Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime. If I’ve missed one of your favourite titles let me know!

true love blooms

True Love Blooms

I’m kicking off this round-up of Hallmark Movies in the UK with a classic spring title. In this recent Hallmark classic, urban gardener Vikki is fighting to save her community garden from (let’s all say it together) a big, bad developer. Honestly, what would Hallmark do without developers to be their bad guys? Anyway, it turns out that this developer might just have a secret soft spot for flowers, and for Vikki. It’s perfect escapist fodder. Showing on Sky TV.

A Summer Romance

Samantha’s (Erin Krakow) Montana ranch is her family’s legacy, so when a developer shows up to buy it, Sam isn’t interested. But as the two get to know each other, things start to change. There’s a small child in pigtails, people play guitar and the scenery is stunning – ooh, and there’s log cabins. I’m weirdly invested in log cabins as a future dream home. Currently showing on Sky TV.

sailing into love

Sailing into Love

If you are after a spot of sunshine and a light-hearted love story then this story is for you. Biology teacher Claire is a bridesmaid, and takes her class to Blue Island. But what’s this? Her ex-boyfriend is also on the island, working as a (gasp) property developer. And he wants to build a big resort? I don’t need to fill in the gaps do I? But this Hallmark movie is so pretty to look at, I just love it. Currently showing on Sky TV.

Truly Madly Sweetly

I’m not sure how I got to be in my 40s and never have inherited anything. People in Hallmark movies are always inheriting stuff. In this case, up and coming cook Natalie co-inherits an old bakery building. Seriously who leaves a building to two people in their will, who don’t know each other? Anyway, Natalie and Eric must work together to restore the building and I will try and remember that the male star of this movie quite often plays serial killers and psychopaths. Currently showing on Sky TV.

all of my heart

All of my Heart

If you’re a regular watcher of Hallmark Movies then you will probably have favourite cast members – and top of my list is Lacey Chabert. I think it’s to do with how much I loved Claudia in Party of Five. Anyway, this summer-themed Lacey Chabert offering sees a young caterer inherit a share in a country home. The other party is a career-obsessed Wall Street trader. Fun fact! This movie has a sequel called “All of my Heart: Inn Love” which is part of the autumn collection. Showing on Sky TV.

Love, Take Two

Noteworthy for being one of the relatively small number of Hallmark movies where a woman of colour is the lead. Lily is the producer of a reality wedding TV show, when her ex-boyfriend is cast in the show as the bachelor. The two return to their former college town for filming and find out if their old connection is still there. Currently showing on Sky TV.

hallmark movies uk

The Perfect Bride

Okay so Molly runs bootcamp fitness classes to help brides “get into shape” for their big day which is sort of problematic, but it’s best not to think about it. Anyway, Molly meets handsome photographer Nick, and there’s a connection – but what’s this? Nick is engaged to one of Molly’s clients? This is going to get messy. Currently showing on Sky TV.

Matching Hearts

One of the 10 approved jobs for women to have in Hallmark Movies seems to be “matchmaker”. In this case, Julia is a matchmaker who is asked by her mentor to find a match for a guy who runs a pet store chain and is happily single. This movie is MADE by the sheer volume of cute cats and dogs. Recommended if you’re an animal lover. Currently showing on Sky TV.

Ms Matched

Another wedding title here – Libby designs fairytale weddings and is obviously hopelessly single herself. But then she meets Ben, who writes wedding books for brides on a budget. In Hallmark Land, this counts as a major difference in opinion, but you know what? I think it’s the sort of thing that can be worked out at the world’s most amazing wedding expo. Oh yes. Available on Netflix.

hometown hero

Hometown Hero

This is one of the weirdest Hallmark Movies I’ve watched, honestly. A divorce mediator needs to look after a client’s dog, which (obviously) melts her cynical heart. In the process she starts spending time with the local vet, and… well, you can guess the rest. But I didn’t think the Hallmark Movies universe acknowledged divorce, so this is a weird one. Available on Sky TV.

Unleashing Mr Darcy

The Hallmark Channel does do a rather brilliant set of movies based on Pride and Prejudice, and until now my favourite has always been “Pride Prejudice and Mistletoe”. But this version is about a young woman taking her dog to a dog show, and falling in love with a haughty show dog judge. Yep. This is a real thing that real people actually made. And you know what? It’s bonkers and utterly, utterly brilliant. Which is why I’m including it even though you’ll need to buy it on DVD from Amazon.

hallmark channel uk

Love on Safari

After Kira (my personal fave – Lacey Chabert) inherits a wildlife reserve in South Africa, she travels there to meet the no-nonsense head ranger, Tom. When she learns the reserve is in financial trouble and she may have to sell it to her uncle’s competitor, Tom urges her to save it by taking her on a safari in hopes that she will fall in love with the land, the animals, and hopefully him. Available on Sky TV and Amazon Prime.

Love on the Air

Sonia is a radio DJ who moves to Chicago for a new job, breaking up with her “perfect” boyfriend in the process. She quickly develops a rivalry with another host at the station, Nick. Then – in a shocking twist – the two hosts have to work together and realise they have more in common than they first thought. Showing on Amazon Prime.

Eat Drink and be Married

This one isn’t Hallmark and is a tiny bit more complicated (and problematic)

Max and Jess meet want to call off their wedding because Jess is basically a bridezilla. They meet Billie, who takes donations of used items from weddings and gives them to the needy.  After the meeting they decide to break up, and Max’s brother Charlie (keeping up?) is blaming Billie. But Billie isn’t interested because her building has just been sold and she has 14 days to vacate. Except Charlie runs a real estate company and might be able to help. It’s an exhausting plot but basically the film is the story of Billie and Charlie, and it’s lovely. Showing on Sky TV.

hallmark channel uk

Wedding at Graceland

Another too-good-to-miss Hallmark Channel classic is this one, which stars former American Idol winner and country singer Kellie Pickler. She is getting married to Clay at Elvis Presley’s former home, but when the in-laws arrive, everything gets super chaotic. Available on DVD via Amazon.

Brimming with Love

Sam runs a coffee shop but he has an interesting side-hustle as a matchmaker, based on his assumption that he knows anyone’s soulmate after 30 cups of coffee. Journalist Allie ends up in the shop due to a computer error, but agrees to be matched. What are the odds? Sam starts to slowly realise HE might be Allie’s perfect match. This one’s lovely and comforting and because it’s a coffee shop and I really, really miss coffee shops right now, it’s ideal for a rainy afternoon. Showing on Sky TV.

Harvest Moon

A privileged young woman from the city must help her financially struggling family and travel back to the country to help save a pumpkin farm. The farm’s handsome manager isn’t thrilled about her changes at first, but eventually the two grow close while working together to turn the farm around. Starring Jessy Schram and Jesse Hutch. Currently showing on Netflix.

Autumn Dreams

If you want a cosy afternoon film then this Hallmark classic is for you. Two young lovers elope to the big city, but their parents (quite rightly) drag them home and have the wedding annulled. But 15 years later, they’re SHOCKED to discover that they’re actually still married. Which is inconvenient because they’re both due to get married to other people. Now all they have to do is get together and arrange that pesky divorce. This one’s lovely. Available on Netflix.

october kiss

October Kiss

Hallmark Channel fans will be familiar with the “sad widow” who is almost always impossibly handsome and far too tied up in his career. So meet Ryan, a Dad and widow who is an “executive”. That’s why he hires Poppy a lovely nanny who takes care of his children and teaches them about joy and optimism and Halloween decor. All you need to know is that at some point in this film, the little girl draws a family picture that includes the nanny, and everyone cries. Available on Netflix.

winter in vail

Winter in Vail

It’s another movie featuring Claudia AND it’s got snow AND it’s set in Vail which is one of my dream destinations. Although most of these movies are filmed in Canada, so I’m not relying on it too much. This movie combines 2 of my favourite Hallmark Movie tropes. First, city girl inherits rambling old country house. Second, there’s a baking competition (in this case, a “strudelfest”). LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FILM. Currently showing on Sky TV. 

One Winter Weekend

Cara, a magazine writer from the big city, decides to go on a dating “detox” and escape on a girls’ weekend to a pretty ski resort. Upon arrival, it turns out that the hotel has mistakenly double booked their suite and they have to share it with two good looking single guys. Because things like that happen ALL THE TIME. I love winter movies, though, they’re so pretty and sparkly. I’m basically four years old. Currently showing on Sky TV. Fun fact – there’s a sequel to this movie called “A Winter Proposal”.

Love, Take Two

Noteworthy for being one of the relatively small number of Hallmark movies where a woman of colour is the lead. Lily is the producer of a reality wedding TV show, when her ex-boyfriend is cast in the show as the bachelor. The two return to their former college town for filming and find out if their old connection is still there. Currently showing on Sky TV.

christmas movies hallmark

A Christmas in Royal Fashion

I’m not even sorry about including Christmas movies in this list. Mostly because it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy any of the Hallmark Royal Collection movies. In this winter’s tale, a handsome prince hosts a Christmas fashion show (as you do), where he meets a pretty young assistant. What could happen next? Gripping stuff and currently available on Sky TV.

Christmas at the Palace

Katie used to be a professional ice skater and she gets hired by the king of San Senova (entirely made-up place alert) to help his daughter win a Christmas ice skating competition. There’s a castle, there’s a cute kid, there’s a grouchy king who might just thaw a little bit (see what i did there?) by the end of the movie. Watch with hot chocolate. Showing on Sky TV.

A Royal New Year’s Eve

This movie might sound a lot like Christmas in Royal Fashion, but honestly if a story about royals in snowy, imaginary countries is good enough to share, it’s good enough to share twice. I recommend back to back viewings. In this movie, fashion designer Caitlyn meets Jeff when she designs a dress for a snooty socialite New Year’s Eve party. Imagine our surprise when “Jeff” turns out to be Prince Jeffrey! Showing on Sky TV. 

A Royal Winter

I hate when you take a last-minute European mini break and meet a regular guy who turns out to be a Prince with a mother who hates the idea of him dating you. Tsk. So inconvenient. This movie is fabulous, lots of Christmas in New York shots followed by randomly mean posh people and there’s snow. What more could you wish for? Showing on Amazon Prime (rental fee applicable).

There you have it – my top recommendations for the very best Hallmark Movies currently showing in the UK. If you like this post, do consider checking out these round-ups, too:



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  1. I think I must be as obsessed with slushy movies as you are. I also used to love Party of 5. Glad I’ve now got Netflix so I can get to watch some of these

  2. A version of Hallmark movies is now available as an added channel (£4.49) on Amazon prime in the UK (it has been for sometime in the USA) – mostly films from the last 3 to 4 years.

    1. I’ve looked all over amazon prime for the hallmark channel. Can’t see anyway to add it. Can you tell me exactly where to find it? Thanks

      1. Hi if you go to Amazon Prime on the desktop then click on “Prime Video” there is a white menu at the top of the screen (just under your address) – the third item on this menu is “channels” and this shows all the extra channels that you can add. If you can’t see Hallmark immediately you can click ‘see more’ to see all the channels you can add. Hope that helps!

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