How to Get the Hallmark TV Channel in the UK

HOW TO GET HALLMARK CHANNEL IN THE UK 2024This time last year all I wanted to know was, How can I get the Hallmark Channel in the UK? You see, I’m a huge fan of Hallmark TV and movies. Christmas movies, Fall movies, holiday movies and even TV shows like Where Calls the Heart. But the Hallmark Channel doesn’t broadcast in the UK, which makes it hard to get a fix. Until now. So if you want to know how to get Hallmark Channel TV and movies in the UK, read on! 

If you’re in the UK and have access to Amazon, then the exciting news is that you can watch all your Hallmark faves right here in Britain on Amazon Prime for just £4.99 a month. It’s perfect if you’re (like me) a massive fan of Hallmark Christmas movies!


While the Hallmark Channel does cost £4.99 to UK customers, there is a way to get it (temporarily) for free!

I can’t wait to be cosied up in a Christmas sweater, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying movies. Or maybe you watch to catch up on the last season of Where Calls the Heart?

I had a few questions from people on my annual guide to Hallmark Christmas Movies in the UK post asking how to get the main channel in the UK, so here’s my little step by step guide. It’s really simple, and with my special affiliate links, you can get FREE access to UK Hallmark content for up to 7 days with each Amazon account your family has. That’s going to be perfect, if you need a cheese-fest Christmas movie fix!

By the way, if you’re looking for recommendations of movies to watch and you’re a fan of a good ole’ cheese-fest, then don’t miss these guides:


Step 1: Get yourself onto Amazon Prime or Sky TV

To get your Hallmark movie fix in the UK, you’ll need a subscription to Amazon Prime. This costs £79 per annum and includes unlimited next-day delivery on thousands of Amazon products PLUS access to Amazon Music and Amazon Video. If you don’t already have an account no problem – you can take a free 30-day trial using this link. 

Don’t forget that if you have Amazon Prime, you can also watch Hallmark TV on Sky in the UK, using the native Prime app that’s available to Sky TV customers. Just scroll down to the “apps” section on your Sky TV guide, and log into your Prime account as usual.

Step 2: Add a free trial of the Hallmark Channel UK 

You’ve already got an Amazon Prime account? Great. Now you’re ready to add the Hallmark TV channel UK to your package. Hallmark TV is a premium channel so will cost £4.99 per month, but you can cancel very easily any time. You can also take a 7-day free trial before you need to pay. In my experience, I can spend £5 renting a single movie so getting access to dozens of Hallmark movies for under £5 feels like great value to me. Here’s where to get your 7-day free trial.

If you’re watching on Sky TV be sure to download and save your favourite movies through the year, because they aren’t always available for a long time (just for a good time, lol).

And you’re all set!

UK how to watch hallmark movies Sky TV

How to add Hallmark TV to Amazon Prime (details)

Here’s how to watch Hallmark Channel in the UK using your Amazon account:

  1. Head to the homepage.
  2. You’re going to want to click on the “Amazon Video” section.
  3. Next, click on the 4th item on the white menu that says “Channels”.
  4. This will bring up links to all the Amazon premium channels, including any you already subscribe to.
  5. You may see Hallmark as one of the featured channels, but if not, simply click “view more” link to see a full list of channels.
  6. Once you see Hallmark TV, click to add to your subscription package, and you’ll receive a 7 day free trial.
  7. After this, you’ll be charged £4.99 a month for access to the channel, which can be cancelled and reactivated any time.

Wondering what’s best to watch on Hallmark TV in the UK? 

Well, that’s a simple question! If you’ve just signed up to Hallmark in the UK, you’re going to want to spend the next month watching super cosy, comforting Hallmark Christmas movies. Check out my guide to where and when all the best HCM’s are happening this year.

It’s as easy as that! All you need to decide now is which cheesy, cosy, comforting Hallmark Movie you’re going to watch first.

If you found this post useful in helping you get access to the Hallmark TV channel in the UK, whether through Amazon Prime or Sky, do let me know in the comments. I also want to know which smalltown hero floats your TV boat, and is he wearing a Christmas sweater?

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13 thoughts on “How to Get the Hallmark TV Channel in the UK”

  1. £4.49 should be the price. They are investigating issues with the channel where not all 100+ titles appear although they can be found on search and play correctly.

    1. I believe Season 8 is just airing so isn’t yet available on streaming services except for the full US Hallmark Channel. You can watch S1-6 on UK Netflix, and S7 on US Netflix, though.

  2. Sally,
    We have just signed up for Hallmark via Amazon Prime. Currently on the 7 day trial. It seems as if we can only see Hallmark movies and not TV shows. In particular we were after When Calls The Heart Series 7. Is Hallmark via Amazon restricted to Hallmark movies?

    1. Hi Dave

      Hallmark TV UK doesn’t show all the content from the Hallmark Channel (US) and I understand that When Calls the Heart is one of the shows that Hallmark pulled from streaming platforms last month, including Netflix.

      To watch When Calls the Heart at the moment you’d need to have an account with either US (and Prime) or Hallmark’s own streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now. And of course access to those platforms is *technically* limited to US residents. Both of those platforms have Season 7 available to stream.

      Alternatively if your DVD player supports it, you can buy the Season 7 boxset through Amazon UK.

  3. tthe Good Witch. Am i able to see all 8 seasons an all the films for this amazing programme?

    NB. my e mail address should all be lower case

    1. Hi sheila, to the best of my knowledge, The Good Witch doesn’t screen on Hallmark Channel UK, you would need to watch the US channel via VPN, or it’s available in the UK on DVD.

  4. I have subscribed to the hallmark channel via amazon prime, so that I could watch the when calls the heart serie. Unfortunetlely it is not showing season 10 ? would you know why this is ?

    1. Not quite – the UK is generally one year behind, so we see the new movies from 2022 this year and we’ll see the 2023 ones next year – so there are always new films, just not the same as in the US. If you’re super keen to see 2023 movies, the only way to do that would be to get a US iTunes account and use a VPN to subscribe to Hallmark in the US or potentially Peacock in the US, I believe.

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