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Hallmark Christmas Movies on Sky: The Best Movies this Year

Hallmark Christmas Movies UK

Looking for the best Hallmark Christmas movies on Sky and UK TV this year?

Honestly, Hallmark Christmas movies are my favourite thing about Christmas. Closely followed by Lifetime Christmas movies.

But it’s not always easy to watch. We don’t have the Hallmark Channel in the UK, so you’ll need to do a bit of digging to find the best Hallmark Christmas movies!

Worry not, though, you can watch loads of Hallmark Christmas movies on Sky TV in the UK, and I’ve pulled together my pick of the bunch. I’ve also included a couple of extra options from Amazon and Netflix – which is now available via Sky TV!

By the way, if for any reason you’re looking for non-Hallmark, regular festive movies, then check out my ultimate Christmas movie guide.

Below is a list of my exhaustively researched, favourite Hallmark Christmas movies. Granted, some of these are technically Lifetime movies, but you get the idea. A feel-good film is a feel-good film, right?

These are all movies that deliver:

  • A plucky heroine
  • An unlikely plot twist involving the heroine ending up in a small town/ranch/picturesque Inn
  • A ruggedly handsome local vet/carpenter/single Dad OR a businessman who has lost sight of what REALLY matters at Christmas.
  • More fairy lights than you can share a stick at

OK. I’m just going to jump right in.

Please note, I’ll add screening dates as soon as they’re available so remember to bookmark this post and check back! 


25 Hallmark Christmas Movies You’re Going to LOVE this Year

If you’re looking for Hallmark Christmas movies on UK TV, here’s your comprehensive guide to the very best movies to watch.

Christmas at Holly Lodge

Hallmark Christmas Movie Holly Lodge

Sophie has been running her family’s Vermont B&B for years and every Christmas guests land here for the evergreen trees, views, and winter sports.

Sadly, Sophie is behind on her mortgage payments and a big city development firm is looking to snap up the land. Probably to build a car park or something. In an entirely unexpected plot twist, the developer sends a handsome architect-type to check out the lodge at Christmas. And… you can guess the rest.

Catch the movie on Amazon Prime from Dec 1. It’s also on Christmas24 on Jan 1.

Festive Rating: 8/10 

The Mistletoe Inn

hallmark the mistletoe inn christmas movie

I know, I know. You are probably thinking, “Can’t you have too many movies set in festive-themed inns?” 

If you think the answer is yes, then sorry, you’re reading the wrong post.

In this Hallmark classic, an aspiring romantic novelist goes to a festive writing retreat. Once there she realises not only is her annoying ex-boyfriend in attendance, but she’s partnered with arrogant Zeke. This movie’s okay, but I give it some extra points because Alicia Witt is always fun to watch in a Hallmark movie. This fabulous Christmas movie is available on DVD at Amazon.

Festive Rating: 8/10 

Romance at Reindeer Lodge

best hallmark movie reindeer lodge

City girl Molly doesn’t celebrate Christmas AT ALL. But this is Hallmark, and if we know one thing it’s that people who don’t celebrate Christmas just need an excuse to go to a small town with a gazillion fairy lights for a homespun festive life-lesson.

Sure enough Molly wins a holiday to Jamaica – except it turns out not to be THAT Jamaica. Molly winds up in a small Vermont town with a festive-themed inn, along with handsome stranger Jared. Except, oh no! The inn is in trouble because modern folks don’t appreciate the magical reindeer. Or something. I was distracted by all the fairy lights.

Showing on Sky TV On Demand and Christmas 24 on Dec 22.

Festive Rating: 9/10 

A Very Merry Mix-Up

hallmark Christmas movies uk

This movie is a solid A+. City girl Alice runs her Dad’s antique store, and is engaged to a banker.

Before we start, you’re not going to feel bad for this guy. He wants Alice to sell the store to a developer, which is basically one step down from Satan in Hallmark-terms.

Anyway Alice flies off to meet her fiancé’s family and – what are the odds – winds up with ANOTHER family with the same name, who have a son named Bill. Just like Alice’s intended. Even more unexpectedly, THAT family has a handome, single son who loves to build beautiful furniture.

This movie pops up on Netflix but if you want to watch it right now, you’ll need to order the DVD on Amazon. The good news is it’s part of a 4-pack box set collection and it’s only a fiver. I guarantee you will not regret it (affiliate link).

Festive Rating: 10/10 

A Wish for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies on Sky

If you ever wondered what happened to Claudia from Party of Five, worry no more. She’s alive and well on the Hallmark channel. A Wish for Christmas is just one of several Hallmark Christmas movies Claudia/Lacey has made.

In this movie, Sara works in advertising but her best ideas keep getting stolen by her manager. Grrr.

At the office Christmas party, Sara makes a wish that she could speak up for herself – and for the next 48 hours, her wish is granted. Hurrah for the magical office Christmas Santa!

As luck would have it, Sara has to spend two days in a remote Vermont Inn with her handsome boss, trying to win an important new client.

Currently showing on Netflix UK

Festive Rating: 9/10

Rocky Mountain Christmas

best hallmark christmas movies UK

Sarah, a city girl nursing a broken heart, returns to her uncle’s ranch for Christmas. It turns out that a handsome actor is at the ranch learning all about life as a rancher for a movie role.

Don’t bother asking, “What are the odds?” We’re still in the early stages of this list; we can’t afford to be worrying about probability at this stage.

Reasons to love this movie: Kristoffer Poloha from Life Unexpected plays the romantic lead. Treat Williams (I *love* Treat Williams) plays the gruff uncle. And there’s a lot of festive baking. I can’t bake, so I enjoy fictional depictions of baking.

For my money one of the best Christmas movies on Sky TV this year, and it’s showing on Christmas 24 on Boxing Day! Perfection 🙂

Festive Rating: 9/10

Crown for Christmas

A Crown for Christmas hallmark Sky TV

Sometimes the world of Hallmark Christmas movies is happy to look beyond Montana and Vermont for lush settings. And in those cases we head off to – imaginary European countries with bizarre names!

In this case, city girl Allie (played by Winnie from the Wonder Years), gets fired and moves to the tiny European country of Winshire. There she becomes governess to the King’s young daughter, who has gone all kids-from-Hell since the untimely death of her mother.

The handome young King is due to remarry. But I think we all know that’s not the way these movies go…

Showing on Christmas 24 on Dec 29, and it’s also available on Amazon Prime.

Festive Rating: 10/10

A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas review

Contain your excitement, readers. For not only is this ANOTHER great Hallmark Royal Holiday movie, it’s also another Lacey Chabert gem.

In this gritty, realistic tale, Emily’s boyfriend, Leo announces that he’s actually a Prince, from the European country of Cordinia. Honestly, the country names are sometimes my favourite part of these films.

Anyway, Leo and Emily head off to Cordinia where they meet his icy mother, Queen Isadora. The Queen is played to perfection by Jane Seymour. Can true love overcome the Prince’s family? Who can guess?

Tragically, this one is not currently available on Netflix UK but if you have access to US Netflix you’re in luck. Otherwise, it’s another DVD purchase required, current price £4.94 (affiliate link).

Festive Rating: 10/10

Royal New Year’s Eve

Royal New Years Eve Hallmark

OK. If you want to seriously binge on the Royal-themed Hallmark Christmas movies, here’s my plan: (It’s not all available on Sky TV, but a bit of hunting will pay off BIG time, I promise).

Start with Crown for Christmas, then move on to A Royal Christmas and finish with this masterpiece. Yes, it’s a bold word but I think aptly used here.

Oh, and don’t forget Christmas Prince, Once Upon a Christmas and The Princess Switch. That should give you a solid weekend’s worth of comfort movie watching. 

Royal New Year’s Eve is the story of Caitlyn, a fashion designer in training, who is hired to design a dress for Lady Isabelle, who is about to marry her beau, Prince Jeffrey. Caitlyn works alongside Prince Jeffrey to organise a ball (you’d think he’d have staff for that…) and they begin to fall in love.  Everything about this film is amazeballs.

I can heartily recommend this 4-film box set on Amazon (affiliate link) that includes TWO of my recommended movies, Royal New Year’s Eve and Once Upon a Christmas. Winning! Royal New Year’s Eve is also showing on Dec 30 on Christmas24.

Festive Rating: 9/10

Christmas Incorporated

Hallmark Christmas Movies UK

Riley (played by the girl who was Shannon Doherty in the remake of Beverley Hills 90210) gets her dream job in a big corporation that just bought a toy factory. Hurrah!

Except Riley got the job because of a misunderstanding, AND the boss is going to close the toy factory just before Christmas. Boo! Also – unlikely. Surely this is peak trading period for toy factories? No matter.

What REALLY matters is how the heck Riley is going to persuade Jack not to close the factory and destroy Christmas for everyone? The solution involves teddy bears. THAT’S how wholesome this movie is.

Available on DVD at

Festive Rating: 10/10

Christmas Getaway

A Christmas Getaway movie

I’ve never been away for Christmas but it’s the sort of thing everyone does in a Hallmark movie. In this classic, a big city travel writer decides to go on a proper Christmas break when – what are the odds? – her cabin is double booked by a hot single Dad and his daughter.

If you’re not sold on this movie, already, then I can’t help you. It’s all hot chocolate and sled rides and trimming the tree perfection. Showing on Sky Christmas24 on Dec 19th.

Festive Rating: 8/10 

The Christmas Cottage

A Christmas Cottage

It’s a Christmas movie and a wedding movie in one! Wedding planner Lacey needs to decorate her client’s honeymoon cottage in rural Oregon (as you do) but shortly after she arrives there’s a terrible storm. Luckily, she’s snowed in with a single, available man. So, there’s an upside. Unfortunately it’s the bride’s grumpy brother. I hope those kids can work out their differences…

Not airing in 2019.

Festive Rating: 7/10

The Princess Switch

netflix christmas movies

A new arrival to Netflix in 2018, this royal holiday romance stars Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame. It’s a sort of cross between Monte Carlo and A Christmas Prince (and if you haven’t watched those gems, shame on you)

Vanessa is a waitress who finds herself in the tiny European kingdom of Belgravia, or some other equally unlikely name, for a gingerbread baking competition. Weirdly this is not the first Hallmark movie I’ve watched involving a gingerbread baking competition (see also: The Sweetest Christmas). Anyway, Vanessa goes off to Europe where she meets her doppelganger who is about to become a Princess. Cue role-swapping hilarity, snowballs and a weird sub-plot about baking sabotage. It’s spectacularly unrealistic but harmless fun.

Festive Rating: 7/10

Once Upon a Holiday

best hallmark christmas movies UK

This is a TOTAL gem from Hallmark’s Royal Holiday collection. (As an aside, how amazing is it that there’s a sub-genre of Hallmark Christmas movies all about princes and princesses?)

Princess Katie (??) arrives in New York and is so excited to explore the festive sights her dead Mother loved so much. Her protective aides don’t give her any freedom – so she escapes. Fortunately she meets Jack, who takes her on a tour of the city, meeting new friends along the way. There are toy shops and cute old people and art galleries and every New York Christmas cliche you can imagine.

It’s warm and comforting and it’s a TOTAL must-watch. Don’t miss it on Netflix, now!

Festive Rating: 10/10

A Christmas Inheritance

Oh, I love this movie. Big city rich girl Elle is set to inherit her father’s gift business, but she’s a brat! So her father insists that she takes an annual Christmas message to the family’s home town of Snow Falls.

In a bold storytelling move, there’s a snowstorm that traps Elle at the lodge for Christmas. Elle has to work at the Inn alongside the common folk, and comes to realise the true meaning of Christmas. This one is actually a Netflix movie, but it’s almost more Hallmark than Hallmark. Oh, and did you know you can get Netflix via Sky Q now? This is BIG NEWS.

Available on Netflix.

Festive Rating: 10/10

12 Men of Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies UK

This Lifetime movie caught my attention because it stars Kristen Chenoweth. There’s no singing, though.

In this film Kristen plays a city girl who loses her high-powered job, and moves to Montana to take a job as a publicist. She decides the best way to promote her new hometown is to persuade 12 hunky men from the local fire fighting service to pose for a calendar.

Grayson from Cougar Town plays the town fly fishing expert (I know, right? HOT). At first the two don’t get along at all, but it turns out he’s a volunteer fire fighter and eventually sparks fly… (see what i did there?). This one is listed as showing on Christmas 24, but it’s also available on Amazon Prime.

Festive Rating: 8/10

Naughty or Nice

hallmark Christmas movies on Sky TV

Hilarie Burton (of 90210 and White Collar fame) is the star of this sentimental Hallmark classic. Hilarie plays Krissy Kringle, who lives on Candy Cane Lane.

As you can imagine, misdirected post is a BIG challenge for Krissy. Which is how she comes to find herself in possession of Santa’s actual Naughty and Nice list – which allows her to see the misdeeds of all the people in her life, including work colleagues and neighbours.

Of course this is a Hallmark Christmas movie, so what we all realise is that nobody is all bad, and Christmas is really all about looking for the good in everyone. I liked that this one isn’t ALL romance, it’s just a nice family movie.

Available on Sky TV on Channel 5 this Christmas.

Festive Rating: 9/10

A Heavenly Christmas

hallmark Christmas movies on Sky TV

One of the loveliest things about Hallmark Christmas movies is spotting favourite actors you haven’t seen in ages. This movie stars Kristin Davis (Eve) and Shirley Maclaine as a recently deceased woman and her guardian angel.

It doesn’t sound overly cheerful and there ARE a few tear-jerking moments as Eve realises she overlooked all the important things in life, while focusing on her career.

Eve becomes a trainee angel and is sent to Earth to bring happiness to a young girl and her widowed Dad. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but it’s heartwarming and comforting, even if it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Catch it via Channel 5 using Sky On Demand.

Festive Rating: 8/10

Journey Back to Christmas

journey back to christmas

A small sub-set of Hallmark Christmas movies involve time travel. In this movie, a World War II nurse wakes up in 2016 (don’t miss the one where a knight ends up in modern day America if you’re a time-travel fan).

Anyway, the ridiculously wholesome nurse, Hannah, is rescued by a passing policeman, played by Oliver Hudson (sigh). He takes Hannah under his wing, and in return Hannah gives the whole town a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a gorgeous film and Tom Skerritt does a great job of playing Oliver Hudon’s Dad.

Showing on Christmas 24 on Dec 18th, also available on Netflix.

Festive Rating: 8.5/10  (extra half mark because, well, Oliver Hudson)

Annie Claus is Coming to Town

Sky TV Christmas movies

The thing about growing up at the North Pole is that you sometimes just need to see the world.

That’s what happens to Annie Claus. Annie decides to take a break and travel to… Los Angeles. There are some laughs to be had as Annie winds up in a dodgy motel (because it’s called the “Candy Cane Inn”) and then gets a job at a failing toy store.

Annie connects with the store’s owner, Ted, over a shared love of Christmas.

This movie has a LOT of fairy lights. And it’s got Santa. What more do you want?

Showing on Netflix, and on Sky Christmas24 on Jan 3.

Festive Rating: 9/10

Christmas Connection

A Christmas Connection

I didn’t know unaccompanied minors on a plane was still a thing, but 8-year-old Leah is flying home to her Dad’s house. She’s looked after by flight attendant Sydney, who gets stuck in Chicago when flight is cancelled. Guess what? She gets invited to spend the holidays with Leah’s family. I love Chicago at Christmas, so this one’s a winner with us.

Showing on Sky TV OnDemand, and on Christmas24 on Dec 18th.

Festive Rating: 10/10 

Christmas in Evergreen

Christmas in Evergreen

Another one of those pesky Christmas storms leads to big city vet Allie being stuck in a small town with local doctor Ryan and his adorable daughter. There’s a magical snow globe that grants wishes, and oodles of small town, twinkling charm. This warm-hearted particular Hallmark Christmas movie is SO popular there’s a book version of the story and three (count ’em) spin-off movies.

Showing on Sky TV on Christmas24 on Dec 19th.

Festive Rating: 10/10 

Christmas at Graceland

Christmas at GRaceland movie

Honestly, country music and Hallmark Christmas movies go together like mince pies and hot chocolate. Christmas at Graceland comes hot on the heels of such classic country-themed Hallmark classics as A Country Christmas, Sweet Mountain Christmas, and the Road Home for Christmas.

Luckily, I’m a country music fan (I might have squealed a bit when Blake Shelton produced his own Hallmark Christmas movie (Time for you to Come Home for Christmas), AND then announced the sequel).

Anyway, Christmas at Graceland is about business-woman Laurel, who is in Graceland at Christmas. While there, she connects with her old boyfriend, Clay, who is a local music promoter. Cue lots of romantic guitar strumming and gazes over the piano… this was popular enough that there’s also going to be a Christmas at Graceland 2, although it’s unlikely to hit the UK for a year or two.

Showing on Christmas Day and Jan 2 on SkyTV Christmas24.

Festive Rating 8/10  

A Christmas Melody

A Christmas Melody

Friends, I might have saved the very best for last. This Hallmark Christmas movie is about a young single Mum who moves back to her home town and helps her daughter settle into a new school by joining the Christmas show. But what you really need to know is that this movie stars MARIAH CAREY as a COMPETITIVE MOM trying to take over the concert. Words cannot do justice to the JOY that is this movie.

  • Wonder as Mariah appears to be filmed under entirely different lighting to the rest of the cast!
  • Marvel at the number of close-up shots for a certain coffee brand that have no relevance to the plot but probably funded the movie!
  • Be amazed by Mariah Carey’s commitment to stealing every scene she stars in.
  • Disappoint yourself by still tearing up at the finale song because it’s Christmas and you’re an emotional wreck.

Available on Amazon Prime and this may also show again on Sky TV this Christmas.

Festive Rating 12/10 


So there you have it.

This is not an exhaustive list of Hallmark Christmas movies by any means, but hopefully this will inspire you to indulge your Hallmark Movie obsession along with me this Christmas. Sky On Demand, Sky Cinema and Christmas24 should be your best friends this festive season, and with the addition of Netflix to the mix, there’s no excuse for not indulging ALL your fantasies about moving to a small town with fairy lights and a Christmas parade…


best hallmark christmas movies UK


Creating my list of Best Hallmark Christmas Movies on Sky TV was made possible by the nice folks at Sky, who provide me with free Sky TV services so I can create posts like this one, and help you find fabulous movies this Christmas. 

Best of the Rest:

Already gone through my top 25 recommendations? Here are some other notable Hallmark Christmas movie-style movies to look out for this Christmas:

On Christmas24 (on Sky TV)

  • Mingle all the Way
  • The Last Christmas at Home
  • Christmas at Holly Lodge
  • Call Me Mrs Miracle
  • Christmas by the Book
  • Hometown Holiday

Sony Christmas Movies (on Sky TV)

  • Wish for Christmas
  • Eve’s Christmas
  • A Star for Christmas
  • Christmas Lodge
  • Moonlight and Mistletoe


  • Christmas Prince 3 (The Royal Baby): Queen Amber and Kind Richard are having a baby but it clashes with the renewal of a sacred truce! So inconvenient when that happens.
  • Let it Snow: An adaptation of three YA stories from John Green et al, this is one to watch with the teens in the family.

Amazon Prime

  • An Evergreen Christmas: Hollywood exec Evie has to return to her small home town to look after the family Christmas tree farm. Of course she does.
  • Christmas Encore: Charlotte is playing the lead in A Christmas Carol but the theater has to close, and the cast are in need of a Christmas miracle!
  • Christmas at Grand Valley: Struggling artist Kelly returns to her small home town for Christmas where she is asked to help save the town’s lodge from developers. Then she meets the man in charge of the planning decision…
  • Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe: Darcy returns home for the holidays, and meets up with high school enemy Luke. But what’s this? They need to organise the Christmas gala together? How’s THAT going to pan out?


Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and HIBS100 communities, along with the MAD Blog Awards. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old.

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Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and HIBS100 communities, along with the MAD Blog Awards. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old.


  1. Claire Thomas

    Sally I am all over this!
    Last year, I was off work recovering from brain surgery so not up to much. Attention span of a nat, not allowed to drive and needing day naps. You get the picture!
    Channel 5 started to show Hallmark/ Hallmark-esque films. Very soon I was watching 3-a-day back to back! I had a whole schedule: brunch during the first one if I hadn’t had brekkie and hot chocolate during the third one. Me under the blanket on the sofa, one of the cats on the blanket. Sometimes I would multi-task and internet shop at the same time (don’t judge me, I was ill!).
    Maybe it was a coincidence which I noticed because of my circumstances, but there were a lot of head injury-related ones (bang to the head / insomnia type things) and LOTS based in and around bakeries!
    Am pretty gutted that I am now back in the real world and can’t spend December in Hallmark world. Half of this list ring a bell, a tinkly little Christmas bell!!
    Damn, I might have to get Sky…..
    Claire Thomas recently posted..Pecan and Pumpkin Spice CakeMy Profile

    • Vanesss

      Hi, will they be showing hallmark Christmas movies over here this year 2020? I hope there’s some new ones. I just love Christmas movies

      • Sally

        Yes normally they start showing in October, so it’s almost time to get excited!

  2. Susan Mann

    Oh I do love me a Christmas film. I really wish we had the Hallmark channel here, but this just about makes up for it. Thanks for collating them altogether. Now I just need to figure out where I can watch It’s Christmas, Eve as I love LeAnn Rimes. These are great, thanks, Sally xx

  3. SheiLa

    Hello. I’ve enjoyed this post. Do you have one for 2019? Thank you.

    • Sally

      This has been updated for 2019 🙂

      • Christopher Bachini

        Hi any idea when the winter princess will be screened in the UK or even how to buy it on dvd region 2 ?

        • Sally

          I think that’s a 2019 title – usually they won’t screen in the UK until 2020, and the DVD release would be expected to be around Mar/Apr time. If you wanted to watch this Christmas you’d need to have access to the Hallmark Channel online, I suspect.

  4. Martine Brook

    Is there anyway to be able to subscribe to the hallmark channel from the uk ??? it is the best channel ever and can’t understand why it is not possible to pay for a subscription from the UK ?

    There is nothing remotely similar available here.

    Being able to join would be the best news ever, even to catch up on the last serie of when calls the heart.

    • Sally

      The best way I’m aware of would be via a VPN, if you have one.


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