Autumn Hallmark Movies in the UK: Our Pick of the Crop

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Looking for the very best fall-themed Hallmark Movies to watch in the UK this autumn?

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If you’re anything like me, autumn is the season for cosy sweaters, days at home and roaring fires. Or it’s the time when the central heating that gets turned on, finally!

And if you’re even more like me, it means discovering the best Hallmark Movies that are about fall. Or autumn, since we’re English. Basically, we’re talking apple orchards, pumpkins, halloween costumes and more golden foliage than you can poke a stick at.

As you’ll know if you’ve checked out my ultimate guide to Hallmark Christmas Movies in the UK, I am a huge fan of Hallmark movies. HUGE. And rather excitingly, you can finally, finally get access to the Hallmark channel in the UK!

So read on for my top recommendations for Hallmark fall movies in the UK this autumn. Some of these movies are available on Sky TV (usually via Movies24), while others are on Netflix or Amazon Prime. A few are available directly from the Hallmark Channel, which is accessed via Amazon Prime.

How to Get Hallmark Channel in the UK

As mentioned, the very good news is that this year Hallmark Channel is available in the UK in time for us to enjoy the best fall Hallmark Movies (and indeed Hallmark Christmas movies).

The less good news is that it is not free. Amazon Prime costs £79 per year, while the add-on channel for Hallmark is £4.99. But you can get FREE access to the Hallmark Channel’s best movies in the UK, by using my tips.

Step 1: Take a Free Trial of Amazon Prime 

First, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime if you don’t already have it. Amazon Prime costs £79 per year and gives you free unlimited one-day delivery on lots of Amazon products. But it also gives you access to Amazon Prime TV and movies!

Step 2: Take a Free Trial of Hallmark TV 

Second, once you have a 30-day trial set up (or if you already have Prime) sign up for the free seven day trial of the Hallmark TV channel. After 7 days this will bill you at just under £5 a month, so it’s important to remember to cancel after 7 days if you don’t want to be billed.

And there you have it! Seven days to watch as many Hallmark movies in the UK as your heart desires for no cash whatsoever. And now let’s look at my favourite fall Hallmark movies to watch in the autumn!


12 of the Best Fall Hallmark Movies to Watch this Autumn

The Hallmark movies below can all be viewed in the UK this autumn. Some are available via Sky TV services, on the Movies24 channel. Some are available as part of an Amazon Prime subscription, some via a premium channel within Amazon Prime. Others are on Netflix. I’ve indicated where to watch each movie on the listing below.

Autumn Stables

hallmark movies autumn uk

The first of my fall-themed Hallmark Movies is Autumn Stables, which is currently showing on Movies24. A young widow is considering selling her ranch to a handsome carpenter called Jake. Which immediately ticks two of the boxes that all these movies must tick – a ranch, and someone who is a carpenter.

Anyway – Autumn insists that nothing at the ranch should change and Jake doesn’t agree. AS they bicker, they slowly begin to fall in love. I know. PLOT TWIST.

Autumn Dreams

hallmark movies fall

Autumn Dreams is currently showing on Netflix. Back in her youth, Annie married her cute boyfriend. All was well for about a minute, until her parents annulled the marriage. Apparently, it was a mix up with the paperwork. Now, hoping to move on with a new guy, Annie discovers that – shock – she’s still married. Now she has to go back to her home town and try and get her annulment – but is it what she really wants?

Pumpkin Pie Wars

It is a law that Hallmark seasonal movies really should include a baking competition. This time it’s pumpkin pies. Ten years ago, Faye and Lydia each opened their own bakeries in Emeryville, Ohio, after a personal and professional fall-out during a local Pumpkin Pie contest. Now their children – and co-workers – Casey and Sam, are set to carry on the rivalry as they go head-to-head in the same contest.  Currently showing on Amazon Prime (via Hallmark TV).

Moonlight in Vermont

moonlight in vermont movie

As an expert in such things, I can confidently say that Lacey Chabert is the sign of a GREAT Hallmark movie, any time of year. In this fall-themed hallmark title, Lacey plays Fiona, a big city real estate broker who retreats to her family’s inn in Vermont after being dumped. Next thing you know, her ex turns up with his new GF and Fiona needs a plan to win him back. Like ALL the best Hallmark movies this involves securing a handsome available guy who is happy to pretend to be Fiona’s boyfriend. Currently on Hallmark Channel (via Amazon Prime)

October Kiss

October Kiss movie

Single Dad Ryan (it’s okay, he’s a widower!) is raising his two kids while holding down a job as an executive of something or other. His job leaves him short of time so he hires impossibly cheerful Poppy to be his nanny. Cue a series of wholesome and seasonal life lessons as Poppy learns how to commit to other people, and Ryan learns to love again. It’s a lovely, life-affirming watch and unusual because there are no inns, carpenters or baking competitions. Currently showing on Amazon Prime (Hallmark TV)

Dancing at the Harvest Moon

hallmark movies UK

I fully love this autumn themed Hallmark movie, that’s showing on Amazon. After her family goes bankrupt and all their assets are sold, spoiled heiress Jenny is forced to live on the one property they still own – a pumpkin farm. Turns out the farm is struggling and Jenny must learn to work with farm manager Brett to turn the farm around in time for a pumpkin harvest festival. Because apparently that’s a real thing that happens. Anyway, if you go with it, this a lovely cosy afternoon movie. 10/10 would recommend.

Under the Autumn Moon

fall hallmark movies

Alex is looking for the perfect location for a “dude ranch” corporate retreat when she discovers the perfect location. The only snag is that the owner (Josh) won’t sell the ranch unless the company promises to preserve its history. As Alex learns more about the country life, she discovers a passion for more than just the great outdoors. Cough. As you do. This one is showing on Amazon Prime (via Hallmark TV).

Love, Of Course

fall movies hallmark

Amy (the Mum from Gossip Girl) is basically living my future life when she follows her daughter to college to help her settle in. Seriously. I’ve considered this. Anyway, to make ends meet, Amy gets a job helping to organise the local Harvest Festival, where she meets handsome professor Noah, who helps this single mama find her direction again. Currently showing on Amazon Prime (via Hallmark TV)

Harvest Love

UK hallmark movies autumn

Big city surgeon Luna is reeling from the loss of her husband, so decides to return to her home town to visit the family pear orchard, and her distant son. On the way she gets into a row with a handsome local who – wait for it – turns out to be the manager of the orchard. Will reminds Luna of what she loved about small town life, while creating a new sort of hybrid pear. I think there’s a metaphor there, but don’t sweat it. Available on Amazon Prime via Hallmark TV.

Falling Inn Love

falling inn love netflix

I should say first there are two movies with VERY similar titles (I mean even more similar than the general Fall themed Hallmark movie titles). The first is called Falling Inn Love, and is currently showing on Netflix. In this Hallmark-style movie, Christina Milian plays a girl from San Francisco who inherits her aunt’s inn in a small town in New Zealand. She teams up with handsome contractor/carpenter Jake (who else) to fix the property up and sell it. But as time goes on, the attachment grows to both the inn and Jake.

All of my Heart: Inn Love

all of my heart inn love

This autumn Hallmark movie is actually part of a trilogy. In Part 1 (All of my Heart) Bryan and Jenny meet and fall in love. In Part 2 (All of my Heart: The Wedding) they get married. And now it’s time to open their dream country inn! Except what’s this? A storm is blowing in and threatening to ruin the opening before it happens? If only there was a small town community who could pull together and help them through this… oh, hang on. Hurrah! Currently showing on Sky TV on Movies24.

Falling for Vermont

UK hallmark movies autumn

Honestly, Amnesia is about my third favourite plot variation when it comes to autumn Hallmark movies. If you think you’ve seen this movie before you may have seen “A Christmas to Remember” which is the exact same story. Except with snow.

In Falling for Vermont, best-selling author Angela is super stressed out on her way to a TV interview before the movie premiere of one of her books. She crashes her car and is rescued by small-town doctor Jeff. Through a series of admittedly unlikely events, Angela doesn’t have her phone or car, and nobody knows where she is to look for her. Jeff offers the stranger the use of his small town B&B until her memory returns. And by the time Angela’s memory returns does she want to leave behind her new Vermont family?  Currently showing in the UK on Sky TV on Movies24.


So there you have it. My favourite top 12 best autumn Hallmark Movies in the UK to give you all the seasonal feels this autumn. Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed one of your faves!

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