Yesterday was one of those days.

You know the ones.

Where you can’t do right for doing wrong.

My ex-husband was annoyed with me.

My ex-boyfriend was upset with me.

Work plans and school plans and travel plans all collided, and I was left frantically trying to arrange puppy-sitters and rearrange meetings.

Colleagues will tell you that by mid-afternoon I was in serious danger of losing my sense of humour.


But there’s one bright side to where we live – we’re only ever a few minutes walk from the beach. And when you’ve got a kid, and a dog, there’s a ready made excuse to go for a walk whenever it all gets a bit too — ARGH.

Flea loves heading down for a walk with the dog.


It’s a really simple thing but I find it’s always easier to chat when we’re out and about. And there are rock pools to explore and sand to write in, and long grasses to run through, with four legs or two.

It’s one of my favourite family moments, and always feels like I’ve press reset on my mood. Whatever I’m frustrated about can wait, while we enjoy the fresh air and the wind, and the sunshine. Okay, and the clouds, quite often. Well, we do live in Lancashire.


It’s easy to take those family walks for granted, but they’re precious moments.

On Sunday 31 May Shooting Stars, the children’s hospice care charity, is organising a sponsored walk in London. The Sunrise Walk kicks off at 4.30am in Richmond, and takes in Richmond Park, Bushy Park and Home Park near Hampton Court Palace. Families will be lighting lanterns to remember loved ones, and is hoping to raise over £40,000 to provide vital support and care for bereaved families. You can take part in the walk (there are short and long routes available to suit different families) or donate via the website.


To help raise awareness of the Shooting Stars Sunrise Walk, 12 Tots100 bloggers will be sharing photos of their family moments throughout a single day on Twitter and Instagram – look for the hashtag #SSCmakeeverymomentcount to check them out, and please do share and RT generously – it’s a fabulous cause.