Flea Flea's been back at school now for two weeks.

Not long. But long enough for me to demonstrate exactly what sort of parent I am to the school's administrative staff.


Selected conversations I've had so far:


“Hello Miss Whittle, it’s Mrs W here, at the grammar school.”

“Ah, okay. Hi.”

“Just to let you know Flea has a bit of a bump on her head.”

“Does she?”

“Yes, she told us she actually did it last night, when you threw her at the bed.”

“Good grief. It sounds bad when you put it like that doesn’t it?”

“Yes, she says it hurts quite a bit, we just wondered if you wanted to come and collect her.”

“Sure, I’m on my way.”


“Hello Miss Whittle, it’s Mrs W here, from the grammar school.”


“We just wanted to let you know that Flea has had a bit of a tumble at school today.”

“Really? Is she okay?”

“We think so. She was showing someone karate exercises, and she ran into a door.”


“She’s very upset. Do you want to come and collect her?”

“Sure, I’m on my way.”


“Hello, Miss Whittle, it’s Julie here, at the grammar school.”

“Oh. Hi.”

“Just to let you know we’ve got Flea here. The school closed at 1pm today. Do you think you could come and collect her? She's just waiting outside the school office.”

“Sure, I’m on my way.”


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