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I’ve worked around the IT industry for much of the past 12 years, and as a result I know more than my fair share of geeks and computer nerds.

I consider this generally to be a good thing.

Without going into the boring details of ‘why’ and assigning blame, let’s just say that when you’re house-sitting for a friend, something might happen completely by accident that means you’re very grateful you know someone who can talk you through how to disassemble a DVD player and perform a complete system restore of a Sky+ box. 

Anyway… since I started parent blogging, I’ve picked up loads of technical skills myself. I can now use graphics software. I can create e-books. I know how to set up a Paypal payment page for a website. I know some basic HTML and FBML. I can use FTP and map a domain. Oh yes. I have [limited] skillz.

And I’m not unusual in that respect. Most parent bloggers have better than average technical skills because – guess what – they’ve set up blogs, and bought domains, and maybe bought and set up hosting. They use computers on a daily basis. They may own a laptop, and a smartphone, or an iPad.

So, here’s a thought.

If you’re a PR agency representing a technology brand please stop describing any form of technology to me in terms of how well it will fit in my handbag. Please don’t tell me something is ‘glam’ and comes in ‘lots of fashionable colours’.

I couldn’t care less. I don’t even own a handbag, and if someone uses the word ‘glam’ within earshot, I presume they’re talking about the blog advertising network.  

Why not look past the ‘Mummy’ label and start talking to me as someone who uses computers and wants more from a laptop than a case that will co-ordinate with my lip-gloss? 

Just a thought. 


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