Just too good not to share

I got this email through my website today, from a reader of this blog. It made me laugh quite a lot. But that's probably just because I am evil:

Dear Sally,

I just want to know why you have obviously committed your daughter to a miserable childhood/adolesence by giving her such a ridiculously vindictive name, Flea? I just cannot grasp how you can be such a bloody selfish mother? I presume you are intelligent enough to realise the consequences of your actions and wonder why you have subjected an innocent, lovely little girl to your warped ego or fucked up outlook on life or whatever caused you to name her as you did…  This is one of the most evil and vindictive things I have seen from an otherwise aware and intelligent mother. Do you think you can make a point by using a little girl to experiment on?

I actually feel physically sick thinking about what your girl is going to have to grow up with and how much she will fail to understand why you have given her such a horrible name. You should be ashamed of yourself Sally. I guess you will bury your messed up head in the sand rather than confront this truthfuul email.

A very !  sickened and upset me.


Dear Ben,

It's a nickname.



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