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Just too good not to share

I got this email through my website today, from a reader of this blog. It made me laugh quite a lot. But that's probably just because I am evil:

Dear Sally,

I just want to know why you have obviously committed your daughter to a miserable childhood/adolesence by giving her such a ridiculously vindictive name, Flea? I just cannot grasp how you can be such a bloody selfish mother? I presume you are intelligent enough to realise the consequences of your actions and wonder why you have subjected an innocent, lovely little girl to your warped ego or fucked up outlook on life or whatever caused you to name her as you did…  This is one of the most evil and vindictive things I have seen from an otherwise aware and intelligent mother. Do you think you can make a point by using a little girl to experiment on?

I actually feel physically sick thinking about what your girl is going to have to grow up with and how much she will fail to understand why you have given her such a horrible name. You should be ashamed of yourself Sally. I guess you will bury your messed up head in the sand rather than confront this truthfuul email.

A very !  sickened and upset me.


Dear Ben,

It's a nickname.




Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and HIBS100 communities, along with the MAD Blog Awards. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old.

About The Author


Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and HIBS100 communities, along with the MAD Blog Awards. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old.


  1. Sarah


  2. Grace London

    That’s brilliant. Just utterly, utterly brilliant.

  3. Rach

    Good to see that Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells is alive and well…

  4. Patrick

    Dear Ben
    Stop being an arse.
    The rest of the world

  5. amy

    this is unbelieveable!! but very funny at the same time lol!

  6. Emma @notsuchayummymummy

    It’s a nickname? Gutted. I thought it was a wonderful, original, slightly ironic postmodern kind of name.
    Sam’s real name is Horsefly. You inspired me…
    FFS Ben – I really hope you were joking.

  7. Heather

    oh Ben, oh Ben, oh Ben.
    Flippin brilliant! You’ve got to love Ben, even he is an arse!

  8. Aly

    I’m sooo stupid! I actually thought the same.I have noticed other bloggers have kids with odd names.*palm face*

  9. Dawn/LittleGreenFingers

    I think he may be one of the regular commentators on the Daily Mail website. If you even want to pass an amusing five minutes just read some of those comments – they are priceless and completely barmy.
    By the way, any folow up correspondence from the lovely Ben?

  10. Alice

    Hahaha, this is wonderful!

  11. Abby

    What a c*ck! Love your reply 🙂

  12. Lindsey Collumbell

    My Dad used to call me Fleabag – in a very endearing way, might I add. Did absolutely nothing to damage my self-esteem, of which I have enough to get me through life in a positive way. It is the way in which the name is used that makes a difference. He occasionally refers to me as Fleabag even now, and even at the grand old age of 41 it still makes me smile 🙂

  13. New Mummy

    The funniest thing I’ve heard in ages, brilliant.
    What a prat!

  14. Mummy Mania

    oh dear god – there really are some plonkers out there. god response!

  15. PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings

    Oh my! Really? Oh. No. Did he really? Well I think it would be a great name… plus it suits Flea. I mean if you had called her Flea as a real name rather than a nickname.
    Think I shall go and tell Top Ender that I am from now on going to call her poop.

  16. Priness_L_88

    Lol, your reply was what truly cracked me up! Such a shame we can’t see his face when he reads it!

  17. Kat

    Oh my – that email is too funny! Poor old Ben, I hope his knickers are twist resistant…

  18. littledude's mummy

    Being called Flea didn’t do the dude from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers any harm.
    Poor Ben, maybe a hobby is in order?

  19. gigi (MUMSROCK)

    Man alive. But then if you had had to change your name from Idiot with nothing better to do than email strangers with totally misguided accusations (*breathes*)you might be that uptight too. Or was he called Sue (like Johnny Cash song)…But anyway, like……duh!

  20. mummylimited

    so funny. Presumably he will bury his head in the sand and not reply to your very funny reply.

  21. Kelly Brett

    What an email!
    HAve to say, love your response, straight to the point – instead of burying “your messed up head in the sand”

  22. Liz (LivingwithKids)

    I’m actually astonished, and I don’t mean in an outraged from tunbridge wells kind of way. Who the f*** is this Ben? Ben, if you’re reading these comments, there’s a bunch of fives here with your name on them. *OOOF*

  23. Stefanie

    That is hilarious and has cheered me up no end. Brilliant, thanks for sharing!

  24. Hayley

    Im so dissapointed that thats not her name! May I email and complain!
    Some people! Wow!

  25. Nikki

    I always assumed it was a nickname but also because it actually protects the identity of your daughter from people like Ben i.e. internet weirdos/knobs.
    What planet is he from?

  26. The Mad House

    Thank you so much for making me smile, keep em coming Ben, I need all the cheer I can get at the moment

  27. Plan B

    Ben is a comedy genius!

  28. cartside

    Poor Ben, he probably got teased all his life for his name and is on a mission to make sure nobody else does. Makes you wonder if he picked up on other children’s names in the blogosphere… I can see an email heading my way.

  29. Kerry

    How funny is that, can’t believe he sent that to you. But love your reply so to the point how funny.

  30. muummmmeeeeee......

    That is too, too funny! What a total plonker…

  31. Manda - Flying Start Mag

    My neighbour’s niece is called Flea too… well Flea Bag actually, but Flea for short!

  32. Josie

    Ahhh this was a good way to end the day. Thank you.
    Do you know why I reckon ‘Ben’ was so outraged?
    It’s cause his parents ACTUALLY christened him Benighted.
    You touched a nerve there Sally with your ‘outrageous’ name, the poor ignorant, benighted fool….

  33. A Modern Mother

    I bet “Ben” is really a mum blogger, right?

  34. Christian

    “This is one of the most evil and vindictive things I have seen”
    Dear Ben,
    Have some perspective.

  35. magic mummy

    This is so funny, have you had an e mail back from Ben yet….

  36. Robyn Slingsby

    Brilliant! There are plenty of worse things you could do to your child than refer to them by a nickname. Ben, go and get yourself a life mate.

  37. Claire

    Dear Ben
    You are a knob.
    ps. I call my baby fathead (thanks to her aunty @mummytips). I look forward to hearing from you.

  38. Emma

    I cant believe he actually thought it was her real name! But if it was , what’s it to do with him!
    Silly , silly man!

  39. Tattooed_mummy

    I loved this – I do hope it was a joke on Ben’s part
    poor Ben, and to be called a prat <- for some reason that made me laugh loudest!! I call my DD (darling daughter) Picallily. 😉

  40. Tattooed_mummy

    Dear Mr Dover
    do not take out your pain in life due to your hilarious name on others.
    That is all
    Tattooed Mummy Reply

  41. S.

    Erm, I think you’re all being a bit tough on Ben. When I read that I assumed he was a child himself. A young teen. And therefore probably a bit sensitive about these things.
    Or, maybe he is a grown up and therefore a nutter. Although for a teen or a nutter it was very well written.
    Anyway, either way, I felt a bit sorry for him. I guess his heart was in the right place, for Flea, if he really did think you’d called her that. ‘Blood sucking parasite’ is a bit harsh if taken literally, tho, being a big Chilis fan, I think it’s cool. (His real name is Michael Balzary, by the way, since I’m in a pedantic mood.)

  42. Mwa

    Ben obviously takes a very keen interest in Flea’s wellbeing. How kind.
    (What an idiot.)

  43. Iota

    I think you should have replied “it’s pronounced ‘Flee-ya’ and is an ancient Mexican word meaning ‘Goddess of the Sun in our Lives’. How could anyone not love being called by a name like that?”
    Love Josie’s suggestion that Ben is short for Benighted!

  44. angelsandurchinsblog

    Maybe he was actually christened beezlebub? Or Derek.

  45. Mu Mu Design

    It could only have been said by a man…

  46. MrsW

    O.M.G. What a nob! His surname’s prolly Dover and he’s had a hard!

  47. Rosie Scribble

    Bloody hell fire, that’s shocking. I must quickly point out (in case idiot Ben is reading) that IJ is not my daughter’s name. It is also a nickname!

  48. Noble Savage

    This MUST be a piss-take. It’s just got to be. Ben? Can we get confirmation of this?
    Bemused in London

  49. beki

    Pmsl, i’m thinking Ben is a name he has given himself and he actually has a real dreadful name that he has had to grow up with.
    B x

  50. cjwarnock

    Dear Ben’s mum and dad,
    Please call him chuffsmoke from now on. He needs the perspective. Ta

  51. Carly

    haha Sally your response to him was just pure genius 🙂
    Must admit I thought perhaps it was her real name and pronounced fle-a. I never even made the connection to the insect *blush*

  52. Anthony

    Haha brilliant.

  53. Hot Cross Mum

    Just read this – what a load of arse. That’s so funny that you posted it!

  54. Barbara

    Golly, not really?

  55. Jennifer

    Oh Sally – I loved those pictures of Flea, and I think that’s the sweetest nickname I’ve ever heard! x

  56. mediocremum

    What an arse! I thought he was joking at first….I love your response.


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