Micro Scooter Review for Teens and Adults

micro scooter review adults

Are Micro Scooters Worth the Money?

I am a real fan of the Micro Scooter brand of scooters. They are more expensive (sometimes) than high street scooters, but when people ask me if they’re worth the money, I simply tell them this story:

Flea got her first Micro Scooter (a Mini Micro) when she was almost three. It gave her so much confidence, and fun, and the innovative “lean to steer” design made it feel really safe. My little girl rode that scooter until she was seven, and we passed it on to another family in perfect working order.

Four years later, Flea needed something bigger, and we were happy to know that she could move on to another Micro Scooter. This scooter also served us well for four years. It was faster and more robust, but still easy for Flea to balance. It was ridden almost every week, but was still in tip-top condition when we passed it along to another family.

I had thought our scooting days might be behind us.

Micro Scooter Adult & Teen Range

Then Micro Scooters got in touch and asked us to check out their range of scooters for teens and adults. The teen and adult Micro Scooter range is designed for kids aged 12 and up. There are a couple of different models, depending on whether it’s for street skating, tricks or a combination.

Micro Scooter Flex Review

Micro Scooters for Older Children

Flea opted for the Micro Scooter Flex model in silver.

It has an adjustable handlebar, and foam handles, with a broad foot plate and brake. I loved the fact that the scooter folds down, making it easy to fit into a cupboard. This scooter also comes with a strap so you can easily carry it on your shoulder.

Micro Scooter also makes a range of Micro Scooters for adults. They are suitable for adults up to 95kg, and the adjustable handle can range from 2ft 4in up to 3ft 4 in.

Micro Scooters for Adults

I chose the rather gorgeous Micro Flex Deluxe Berry model. It has a really wide board and larger wheels, meaning you can go further and faster, with less effort. The scooter also has a kickstand and can be folded in exactly the same way as the teen model.

Here’s Flea modelling it (or stealing it, depending who you ask) on the school run Friday morning.

micro scooter flex for adults

How to Fold a Micro Scooter

If you’re new to the Flex, then it’s worth spending a little time getting to know the folding mechanism. To fold the scooter, you need to unlock a spring lever, then press two spring-loaded pins. To lock the scooter back, you simply press one of the pins, then lock the lever back into place. (check out the video below from 1:30 mark to see us fold and unfold the scooters)

Steering is simple and the front wheel rotates through 360 degrees on both models.

Now, obviously, when you realise you and your child both have scooters, there’s nothing for it but to issue a challenge, right?

Here’s a quick video with Flea and I putting our scooters through their paces. No prices for guessing who came out victorious.

Where to Buy Micro Scooters for Adults

Now, it has to be said that these are not cheap scooters.

Flea’s teen model comes in at £120, while the Micro Flex model is £195. You can also spend a little extra on accessories like lights and locks. I’ve spotted them available on Amazon for a little less – here’s the adult model and the teen model we review in this post (aff link). They’re also available from John Lewis stores nationwide. If you prefer, you can buy scooters and accessories direct from the Micro Scooters website.

Teen & Adult Micro Scooter Review

The question really is whether you’re happy to pay extra for something that will last. Having bought Micro Scooters before, I have great faith in the quality of the product, and know them to very long-lasting. That, combined with the safety features, makes Micro Scooters great value for money.

These adult Micro Scooters are impressively well-built, with sturdy joints and a thick composite fibreglass/wood board that makes for a smooth ride. The whole thing feels very solid, and for me the ability to fold a scooter up and store it, or carry it on your shoulder, is a huge bonus.

These adult scooters are aimed firmly at commuters, but I think there’s a lot to be said for using them on the school run. They’re perfectly designed for urban (or suburban) streets, and are a lot of fun to ride. Our review is that these are fantastic devices, and well worth a look!


We were sent Micro Scooters for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own, though. 



10 thoughts on “Micro Scooter Review for Teens and Adults”

  1. The boys Microscooters are still being used by friends. They were the best value scooters ever. It is lovely to see them being used on a daily basis and still in great condition after 8 years.

  2. Firstly, I can’t believe how grown up Flea is looking these days! I honestly didn’t realise there was such a thing as a grown up scooter. Dexter is now the same height as me and I’m wondering whether this is something he might like? He cycles to school but this could be a great alternative.

  3. Seriously, how grown up is Flea looking! She’s rocking her scooter. I must admit I was a bit put off by the price last time I looked at them but I was buying three new ones for Christmas, had I only needed to buy one I’d have definitely invested!

  4. Want, want, NEED! I actually secretly love scootering & often have sneaky goes on my boys do an adult one would be the beefs knees. Great review, btw.

  5. Oh these look awesome, LOVE the video. I have to admit you were more proficient on that scooter than I expected and notably more proficient than I would be. I’m impressed even if you did lose 😉

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