Obviously. OBVIOUSLY.

car stuck in train station

I recently volunteered to be a leader in our local Beaver group.

I know. I know. 

Anyway, my first official meeting was Tuesday evening.

Obviously (because this is my life, after all, which is one long blog post in the making) I had to be in London on Tuesday, so there was lots of complicated making of arrangements so I could be home in time to collect Flea from her school late room, race home for a quick supper, then head to our Beaver meeting.

Obviously, my train back from London was delayed, so I arrived into the station with 10 minutes to drive the 9 miles to school, rather than the planned 30 minutes.

Obviously, I got to the third floor of the train station multi-storey car-park to find my car wouldn’t start.

Obviously, I tried to phone the school to let them know I was stuck only to find the loan phone I’ve been using since the burglary was out of credit, and I couldn’t get through.

Obviously, by the time I’d topped up the phone, it was past closing time at the late club, meaning I had to phone my brother, in a panic, to ask him to go and collect Flea.

Obviously,  my local garage said I was too far away for them to collect me.

Obviously, the alternative garage charges double after 5pm.

Obviously, it turned out the recovery truck was too tall to drive into the multi-storey, leading to much tooth-sucking and, “Well, we’ll have to roll it out, love.” 


The car was retrieved, jump-started and I drove home, before dropping the car at the garage. One new battery later, I went to collect the car and jumped in, feeling relieved that the drama was finally over. I drove 20 metres to the local supermarket.

And couldn’t get out of the car.

The door? Jammed.


So I had to clamber out across the passenger side, where I promptly fell out of my car into a puddle left by an unexpected rainstorm just a few minutes earlier.

And now the car is back at the garage, where a man is taking it into lots of tiny pieces and saying things like, “Well, I can’t see anything obvious,” which everyone knows is just code for, “This is going to be SO expensive.”


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