Skipping the Jubilee Jubilation.

Everywhere I look online this week, it’s Jubilee baking, Jubilee bunting, Jubilee parties and picnics. And don’t forget the bunting. Everywhere I turn things are festooned with the stuff.

Oh yes, string a bit of fabric between two lamp-posts and it’s as though the recession never happened.

Yes, I’m a bona-fide jubilee cynic. The only one in the entire country, it feels like. Not because I disapprove of any festivities involving cake, but because I’m not really a fan of royalty, as a rule. To be honest, I find it more interesting to wonder why a modern democracy requires a throne than to consider how long someone’s been sitting on it.

So you’ll excuse me if I dip out of the jubilee baking, and the jubilee crafting and the decorations and the street parties. Instead, we’ll be heading off to the South of France courtesy of Thomson Al Fresco, who have asked us to review one of their holiday parcs, the Sylvemar. No bunting required. But I have a stack of books on Kindle, I’ve downloaded some TV programmes I’ve been waiting to watch on the iPad and I’m hoping to really get a few days’ relaxation.

le sylvemar

The parc looks great – it’s set in woodland, with an indoor and outdoor pool with plenty of slides to keep Flea entertained, and a beach just 15 minutes’ walk away. There’s also a children’s club, which Flea can make use of while I check out the on-site spa. Well, you know, you have to explore these things fully to write a fair review, of course…

So we hope you all have a wonderful Jubilee, with lots of bunting, and we’ll be back soon. Now, if I can just figure out a way to miss that Olympics nonsense, too…

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