You don’t have to be MAD to blog, but…

I bumped into a friend at the supermarket earlier this week, who I hadn’t seen for a year or two.

We did the usual small talk about how his accountancy work is going, how the kids are, local gossip – you know the sort of thing. Then he said something that surprised me, a bit.

“How’s the blog going?” 

I don’t tend to tell people I blog professionally – I’m more likely to say I run my own website, because it’s a bit more – well – normal-sounding. My friend explained that two years ago, he and his wife had no idea what a blog even was, much less how I might be using mine to make a living. But now? They’re fully-fledged blog readers.

I love seeing how parent blogging is going from strength to strength with each passing year. Whether you’re interested in food, crafts, baby-rearing, politics or books, there are amazing blogs out there that will inspire and entertain you. And that’s what the MAD Blog Awards is all about – sharing the blogs that people love with a wider audience. Discovering new voices, and making new friends with like-minded parents, no matter where they are.


This is our third year running the awards and we’ve received twice as many nominations and votes as we did in 2011. This year, our MAD Bloggers are being read by almost half a million people each and every week. That’s more than many mainstream magazines. And no wonder – our finalists are a talented bunch. And just watch the video above, which features some of our finalists answering terribly probing questions about their lives. How could you NOT want to get to know these people better?

So if you have a few minutes spare over the next week, don’t just use that time to watch yet another re-run of Friends. Make yourself a cup of coffee, settle down somewhere comfy, and head over to the MAD Blog Awards website to check out our finalists’ blogs. And if you like them (which we think you will) then why not give them a vote? Voting closes next Friday at 5pm, so you’ve got a week to explore. Have fun!


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