Turning a Bad Day Around

Today was just one of those days. My inbox seemed filled with messages from people determined to see the worst in everything. I don’t deal well with that sort of thing, generally – I find it boring, frustrating and infuriating in equal measure.

So, sulking, I finished work early and went to collect Flea and her best friend from school. We didn’t do anything special, a trip to the park, a walk, a picnic, then to the beach to enjoy the last drops of sunshine.

But it’s weird, isn’t it? Sometimes just watching your child reminds you of stuff you hadn’t realised you’d forgotten. Especially about how to have fun.

If in doubt, climb something.

Outside is always better than inside.

Nothing beats a hug from your best friend.

Don’t take life too seriously.

Remember to feel the sand between your toes once in a while.

Always make time to play.

Keep your eyes open, or you might miss something cool.

When in doubt, climb some more.

As we walked home along the beach, Flea and her best friend behind me, I heard Flea say to her friend, “Oh honestly, don’t you know grazed knees are just the sign of a good day?” 

And I thought to myself – that kid’s smarter than me, sometimes. 

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